Michael Edwards






True history is not for me

of emperors and monarchies.

True history is of ordinary lives

for surely that’s where history lies.




  • orchidee

    A fin and true write Michael. We're blessed with this country with the monarchy though, I feel, compared to some places.

    • Michael Edwards

      We tend to only ever concentrate on the major events when we look at history but there is so much more to it than that. Thanks O

      • orchidee

        I know what you mean though M. Similar to 'Better is a little with contentment, than great riches and trouble therewith'.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very true but what we also need to realise is that history is written by the winners, what if the losers were right.

        Love the drawing.

        • Michael Edwards

          Agreed but it's not just the losers. I am more intrigued by the lives of ordinary people, how they lived, what were their problems, what did they wear, how were things made, how was food distributed, what did they eat = and so on and so on and on..! For me that is true history rather than major events involving the privileged few (although when you look at their lives perhaps they weren't so privileged).

        • Laura

          A thought provoking write with a poignant illustration! Personally, I have much to ponder upon...
          Ordinary lives that were snuffed in three minutes! Their history has been decided!


          • Michael Edwards

            So right and within a generation as individuals they will be erased from history - thanks Laura.

          • burning-embers

            Ah the lies of history. In text books it truly lies, then lies on the lips of everyman. And history lies to the leity. Mostly history recounted lies for it is the history of the vanquishers choosing not the truth. History = a weapon of mass deception.
            Very thought provoking piece ME

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks b-e - yes that's why I like the what lies beneath the political umbrella - the ordinary folk living out their lives.

            • Lorna

              I have this uneasy feeling about the "great" characters in history. One the one hand of course they are presented as what has made up the world......... and make terrific reading....but then if you examine, how many were not obsessed with themselves and giving little thought to the people they affected. The everyday people are the ones that had to make the most of what was done to them......

              • Michael Edwards

                I guess the everyday people are still the ones who have to make the most of it - perhaps that's why I'm a republican (with a small 'r')

              • poelove

                thoroughly enjoyed this verse.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks for your kind comment poelove.

                • Christina8

                  I really enjoyed this one! I love the thought of ordinary lives making history. And beautiful drawing, by the way.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks Christina - ordinary people are so much more interesting

                  • FredPeyer

                    Oh, I agree so much with you here, Michael. If we look at documented history, we only see a very small slice of what happened, and since history is written by the winners, we cannot be sure it is not distorted. Maybe the history pieced together by archaeologists is the 'true' history.
                    Well written and thought provoking poem!

                    • Michael Edwards

                      So right - I love the TV programme 'Time Team' , which I know has been copied in the States, for this very reason.

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