Having To Let You Go

I'm learning to say goodbye to you

The sort of goodbye we say

To a flower we pass but can't take away

Or a smile that belongs to someone else

Or the glint of frost that will not stay

Or the sun that won't linger past the day

Or a beautiful moon that goes its way

Leaving us to walk along

Hands free and alone






  • Laura🌻

    A sad but beautiful write, Lorna!

    I am with her every day. I see the clock that tics and tocs. She says she’s ready, but I am not!


    • Lorna

      Always love your comments Laura - thank you!

    • Poetic25


      just a beautiful piece about loss, with a subtle flow that threads a heart-felt message
      much warmth

      Michael 🙂

      • Lorna

        Your comment is like a poem - thank you Michael!

      • Wallace

        Love the poem and love the drawing.
        So mystical.

        • Lorna

          Thanks Wallace - of course I didn't draw it - wish I could have!

        • Fay Slimm.

          Filled with anguish of heart as loss gets nearer these words sink so deeply - - hoping this sad verse is not from experience Lorna

          • Lorna

            Yes - he doesn't want to eat much anymore and they warned me gently that things are progressing......

          • orchidee

            A sensitive write Lorna.
            Meanwhile - you mean me? You saying goodbye to me! I'm not going. I'll stay for ever, but I'll sing for ever too! Can ya bear it?! You'll be wishing you had said goodbye to me! heehee.

            • Lorna

              You're a nut we can't do without Orchidee.......... perhaps a cashew......

            • Michael Edwards

              That's a lovely work and so is your addition to Kat's Fusion poem - great work.

              • Lorna

                Oh you read it! Thank you Michael - it was my first fusion invitation.......

                • Michael Edwards

                  I sure did read it - why not pop it into the Gallery/community sometime.

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                • Accidental Poet

                  Not easy to watch a loved one pass. I was there when my adoptive mother past on as she slowly slipped away. I'm guessing this poem is for your Dad. Please know our thoughts are with you and your family. He lives on in you.

                  • Lorna

                    Husband - thanks AP

                    • Accidental Poet

                      Sorry Lorna, My condolences to you and family.

                    • FredPeyer

                      Lorna, your poem is a gem. It is filled with gentleness, love, and regret. The emotions come through between the lines. It says, yes, we have to say goodbye, but we have the memories, we have experienced something beautiful, like that flower, that smile, that moon. Even though we will walk alone, the memories will be with us every step. Beautiful poem!

                      • Lorna

                        Thank you Fred
                        Up in your tree
                        Thank you for
                        Critiquing me...........

                      • dusk arising

                        Letting go of such small wonders as you list enables us to greet the beauty we encounter as we travel onward to who knows where. Loving the world around us and those here who we love today enrich our lives and build our loving personality. People along the way say goodbye to us too.

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Beautiful emotive write.

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