The Five Senses

Smell the pine in the floorboards

Polished with wear

Smell the oiled tablecloth

And the kerosene in the lamp

Feel the shift in the old chair

As you sit and watch the white curtains

Filter the window light

Hear the pan sputter

As the stove heats the butter

The bacon sizzles

The toast pops

The eggs crackle

Spread the jam

And taste the ham and its fixings

Take it in

So much love in the kitchen


  • Michael Edwards

    Takes me back to my childhood - formica worktops, aluminium saucepans, an old stove - thanks for the memories Lorna - a really enjoyable read.

    • Lorna

      Ahhh formica - which my little sister put a boiling pot on and watched it melt and bubble up all around the pot! Her age saved her life............

    • Laura

      You’ve made me so
      hungry, Lorna!
      I’ve got to go to get
      myself some breakfast
      for lunch...pronto!
      I enjoyed your clean
      and tasty poem with
      all the fixings!


      • Lorna

        Now you've made me hungry Laura and it's snowing (today it's going to be a doozy) and so what else will there be to do except shovel snow and eat! Take it in ... and work it off!!! Let's go eat! Mangiare

      • orchidee

        A fine write Lorna.

        • Lorna

          Thank you Orchidee! I should have added "hear Orchidee sing!" to the list..........

        • FineB

          Hi Lorna,

          A lovely poem expressing the joy of home comforts and the power of our senses!


          Keep writing

          • Lorna

            Thank you!

          • Ivory

            What delicious piece of writing.
            I enjoyed reading this with my morning coffee 😊

          • orchidee

            Thanks Lorna. Argghh - would me singing drive the senses crazy, send them into a torment, some hideous downward spiral, etc?! Dunno - depends if ya got ear plugs in. lol.

            • Lorna

              Funny man............ I bet you sing like an angel........

              • orchidee

                Ohh. the hills are alive.... I only know about 3 songs! Not really. lol.

              • themerrypapist

                Thank you for taking me back to the Sunday brunches of childhood.

              • Goldfinch60

                Very good write I could smell the bacon - three rashers please.

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