Just One Kiss ... by Ivory

You've got me open, with just one kiss
Your arms wrapped around me
Sexual bliss
I can't resist
You want to hear me sing my sexy song
As you lay me on the ground
I won't be the only one making freaky sounds.
I’ll have you screaming my name out loud.
Yes, I know you want me
And I can't be without you another day
So, can you get me wet and keep me that way?
Like the Mississippi and Great Lakes combined
The constant flow will blow your mind
You want to be my teacher, but I'm no fool
I have a Masters in sexuality
And PhD in how to handle your tool
First, I let it tickle my tonsils
Make my tongue do that thing you like
Sending electricity through you
I’m lightening, watch me strike
You want to take control
But my sweet center tightens ,grabs hold
With hips that guide you in and out
Watch my breasts swell and bounce
My nipples, they harden
Dance in your mouth
Riding you steady,
As you release every last ounce
I told you this could happen
Temptation I tried to dismiss
Your goal was to capture me
With just one kiss.


  • FineB

    Thank you Ivory.

    A magical, beautiful and sexy poem on the power of a kiss!

    Keep writing

    • Ivory

      Thank you for your review 😊


      BEAUTIFUL IVORY ~ I can empathise with
      every sensual word of your poem!

      At an early age I learned
      Just one KISS ~ triggered all I yearned
      Just one KISS opened up the Petal Gate
      To love and sensual BLISS

      Thanks for caring & sharing

      Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@

      • Ivory

        Thank you for taking time to read my work.

      • rrodriguez

        Your poem certainty is very well written. Very descritive in form. Well fone.

        • Ivory

          Thank you😊

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good erotic write Ivory.

          • Ivory

            Thank you 😊

          • willyweed

            Wow is it hot in here
            nice flow and rhyme
            write on Ivory...ww

            • Ivory

              Thank you for reading my work.

            • ForeverJesus6

              I like you piece. It flows together really well. It is literally poetry in motion. Keep writing.
              Persistence is key

              • Ivory

                Thank you for your lovely review 😊

              • Carmine Branco

                Perfect picture of the beauty of lust. nothing to be ashamed of and no hypocrisy. freedom to enjoy pleasure and to enjoy giving pleasure. humanity at its best without false moralities of which women and men alike hide their passions with inhibition. pleasure and passion are freedom, as long as there is respect for each other and mutual agreement and no one overcomes the other. excellent and very delightful. well done. C.

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