Michael Edwards





In plenary states of disarray

with little favouring fortitude

they journeyed on with lonely thoughts

as distant cow bells rang.


They quietly spoke in tones of ease

and with unshakable esteem

by firm and natural impulses

their discomposure soon subdued.


With celibate discretion gone

they strayed from narrow trodden paths

the renascence of love once lost

renewed unseen in ecstasy.




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  • Jamie

    ...and a wonderful painting too. So much to see. It's like the cosmos explained through emotions and I can't look away!

    • Jamie

      It's delightfully hypnotic!

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Jamie - so pleased you like it.

      • Goldfinch60

        Beautiful write Michael

      • orchidee

        An eloquent write and fine pic M. I might swoon if I look up some of them long words to find their full meaning!

        • Michael Edwards

          You'll swoon again if you ponder on what they got up to when they left the narrow trodden paths.

          • orchidee

            Oohh, was they naughty? Did they fall by the wayside?!

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          • Lorna

            Pilgrims on their way to glory, sometimes up to mischief naughty............

            • Michael Edwards

              The little devils - thanks Lorna.

              Oh but for my youth back - where are my vitamin pills?

              • Lorna

                Youth - those days when vitamins pills were never needed.............

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              • Nicholas Browning

                Now this one sure is a thriller. It's like a roller coaster. It starts off slow, hits you with a slope, and then calms you down with a satisfactory conclusion. Very nice.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks so much Nicholas - I really appreciate your kind comments.

                • willyweed

                  wonderful poem Michael, the painting looks like a bouquet of beautiful flowers to me? ww

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Spot on Willy - I later added a bow which brought the bouquet to life. Thanks for looking in.

                  • LaurašŸŒ»

                    This is a beautiful write of the journey of a colorful as your painting! Enjoyed the read!


                  • Andrew Charles Forrest

                    Ah... there is hope yet?
                    Thank you Michael

                    • Michael Edwards

                      There sure is Andrew - just need those vitamin pills - and a good memory.

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