LOVELY sleek pets
ONE or more 2 3 or 4
VERY playful and full of fun
EVERY breed is different ~ You choose !
CUDDLY ones are best like Persians
AND Rag Dolls & Jellicoes ~ NO
TOMCATS ! Gingers are fun
SIAMESE are Spooky !
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When an animal shows up in our lives It is a coincidence of the highest order How do you know what the message is?
Each species that crosses our path tells us something about our situation. Only because animals reflect our own level of consciousness and expectations
The hare will point out a direction for you both physically and emotionally. It lives in close proximity to animals that feed on it, but handles the fear and stays there and is still fertile productive and upbeat.
Crows are the holders of the laws of the spirit,
They do amazing things that always increase our perceptions of spiritual reality.
Hawks are alerting observant ever vigilant for the next bit of information, the next message and remind us to be alert
Cats implore us to remember our ability to be intuitive and self -heal.
The eagle soars to great heights and represents an opportunity to actually venture into the higher realms of the spirit world. The wolf will energize latent instinct for courage and the ability to teach, the presence of an owl means that we have the opportunity to see through any possible deception by others and if we avoid the tendency to harm or lash out we can like the owl cut through the darkness to hold a higher truth.
Each animal represents part of ourselves we need to get in- touch with. We experienced the way each animal species views the world, which is an important aspect of the complete spiritual consciousness
There are some species ,that we are not even close to catching up with, and they represent aspects of ourselves that we are still trying to remember.

Only one pet to recommend
Faithful and loving and services to man
Dogs are by far man’s best friend.
(Michael Edwards)

Has a wonderful pythonic Snake
When she performs ~ men come in swarms
To see if one day she will make a mistake !
Not to see JANE inside the big Snake
But need I explain ~ they want to
See the big Snake go inside JANE
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Hunger drives my favourite animal,
Underneath it hides it's nature,
Madness confused with drive,
Atrocity confused with light,
Knowledge is its saviour and its end.

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  • marlenawood

    My favorite animal is a snake for I caught them at the age of 8. Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, Timber Rattlers etc. I love snakes and the way the slither around through the woods. Camouflaged by leaves, trees an all kinds of good things that are within the nature life.


      Thanks MARLENA ~ snakes are awesome ~ I have an AFRICAN RAT SNAKE @ COLLEGE (about 4ft long !) I take it into Junior Schools ~ the kids love it but the Female teachers run a MILE ! Did you like my picture of JANE with her snake ? I have commented on LEO (Loved your SELFIE !) as requested ~ I have an active FUSION on CHOCOLATE ~ i would be please d if you added a ~ Poem ~ Thanks ~ Yours BRIAN

      • marlenawood

        Yes I love the picture of Jane an the snake omg it's amazing!!! Thanks for the compliments your brilliant sir I have to say lol as the teachers run hahaa I bet they do but not I love since I am a nature child an love snakes. I'll be glad to join in ur fusion poem!!

      • Jhe

        guingea pigs are cute,
        but meerkats really care
        for eachother, as do bob-tailed skinks (who love one another forever), and some dogs are really cute, and some of those are clever
        . ooh, don't forget frogs or the red-headed fox ...or newts, & leopard slugs ~ the latter are amazing! as are hedgehogs, and the pangolin (with its funky scaly skin) ...why did you have to ask me that? i could be here all day! ps: my doggy teddy's lovely ~ is including him ok?

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