RAINBOW OF DEATH ~ A Classical Sonnet




  • RED  is the shade of Her blood   

as She cut  cri de coeur  with a blade  

  • ORANGE  the tint of the wreath

on Her grave a garland of Borange

  • YELLOW  the tone of the Cello

Requiem ~ mournful and mellow

  • GREEN  is the grass on Her grave

a Young Life that no Prayer could save !

  • BLUE  is the Sky ~ as I lie by Her grave

on my back and meditate WHY ?

  • INDIGO  rain clouds I cry on Her grave

no answers to ~ WHY DID SHE DIE ?

  • VIOLET  Her shroud ~ Rest in Peace Princess

far from the Maddening Crowd


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN 



This poem came to me at the Funeral of one of My

Students who suffered from depression and died 

alone after Self Harm.  She was beautiful(18) and

her Sister requested that we all wore RAINBOW

COLOURED GARMENTS at the Crematorium  AMEN !


This Poem is presented as a Classical Sonnet ~ a single

verse in Rhyming Couplets ~ Love to ALL BRIAN XOXOX   





  • orchidee

    This stings, like the 'sting of death'. You've mellowed it, so it does not sting so much. An 'if only...' maybe. If only she had got some help?
    Just a little nick when shaving is painful. We would like to know 'Why' but can't always, can we?


      Thanks STEVE ~ for a very empathetic answer. We do our best to counsel students and her Personal Tutor knew she was "self-harming and counselled her against it ! Princess was bullied for her beauty and had been abused by more than one Man ~ death of an Innocent ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Mona Lisa

      this was honestly amazing I felt the pain stabbing at my heart and at the same time I felt the lightness of it. The feeling of letting go. I absolutely love this poem. I never knew I could feel so many emotions at once. Thank so much for spreading awareness and making this beautiful poem. This is the highlight of my day^^

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS LISA ~ Pleased it touched your heart ~ it was cathartic for me to write it ! I am always heartbroken when one our lovely students dies ! I have never been into drugs & alcohol & porn etc and I try to counsel the students away from these things and self harm ! They all need a touch from GOD ~ AMEN Hugs in the Spirit ~ Yours BRIAN

      • willyweed

        a wonderful ode to life, Brian. ww

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS WILLY ~ An ode to life indeed ~ but also to premature DEATH ~ in fact 70 years premature ~ and think what Princess could have achieved in 70 more years ! BRIAN

        • Fay Slimm.

          A shiver went through my heart on reading this sonnet-lament over a young life now ended by harm to self - - oh Brian the answer to Why we may never know but the pain of abuse and bullying gets into the core and by making the public aware we may bring about more help for these poor victims. Thanks Brian for the compassion found in the message within your verse.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks FAY for a reply from your sensitive Heart ! The reasons why young people die from stress & depression every day are many & interwoven ~ because there are many causes there are many All we can do is to influence ~ for good ~ those TEENS we are in contact with ~ AMEN ~ Yours as always BRIAN

          • Michael Edwards

            What a sad story - I am sure she would appreciate the poem

          • LaurašŸŒ»

            Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
            Questa poesia mi fa piangere!
            Very clever of you to use the colors of the rainbow to express a sorrowful event! It is so sad, but your poem eases the pain!
            Un Forte Abbraccio e Baci...

          • Christina8

            This is such a deep poem. So many young people finds the means to an end this way and we are left wondering why. You did a great job on this, Brian!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS CHRIS ~ The reason why so many Young Ladies are depressed and take their own lives is abuse by MEN ~ In the past Ladies have told me how gentle I am ~ Well that is why in some circles I am known as Gentle Brian because I always try to be a GENTLEMAN ! The way some Men treat their Ladies ~ even in Public is appalling ~ a lot of it fueled by drink & drugs ~ and S & M is encouraged on YOU TUBE which has a lot to answer for ! Thanks for you comment ~ Hugs Brother Brian @@@@@@@

          • yellowrose

            hi brian , this is painfully beautiful , sad but very beautifully expressed . its really sad when people take their own lives, bullying does nothing for people hearts minds and souls and quite often it can make people want to end their lives.. so sad, thanks for sharing

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