The Thank You Poem

Not good at saying right out loud

But in a poem

Hope it's allowed

Thanks for a nice place to go

Thanks for your words

Just so you know

I love this site

It's a bit of a home

Now that I'm living all alone


  • yellowrose

    hi lorna .. nice poem 🙂 sorry you feel alone

    • Lorna

      Thanks Yellowrose! I'm figuring it out! All is well............

    • RiverJordan

      Your not alone if you feel lonely!🙃

      • Lorna

        Thank you RJ

      • Michael Edwards

        Sweet little poem but be of good cheer.
        There's plenty of friends you have right here.


        • Lorna

          Thanks Michael! I hope it didn't sound as though I am feeling sorry for myself - which I'm not! I just appreciate how so many nice people all seem to be in the same place!

        • kevin browne

          anything can be written in a poem, even without the authority of others. you stand alone, you say, I say, you stand tall and there are 7 billion people on this little old planet so it's not as if you're totally alone. love you style though, Lorna.

          • Lorna

            Aren't you nice - thanks Kevin.......

          • Laura🌻

            YOU ARE THE BEST!!❤️
            I love your sense of humor
            and your writings! I appreciate your comments and all that you share with us! So happy you joined MPS! It’s brighter than ever!
            A great choice of pic and music to accentuate your poem! Awesome, my friend!

            Hugs 🤗

            • Lorna

              Wait till you see the fun video tomorrow! I can't wait to post it - the poem is only an excuse to show it to you.............

              • Laura🌻

                Can’t wait 😊
                Looking 👀 forward to it!
                Did you see your inbox?

              • orchidee

                A nice poem and clip Lorna.

                • Lorna

                  Ta Orchidee - now go sing for us!

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Good to feel part of a writing family dear Lorna - you are such a regular reader and give such supportive comments - thanks for this lovely read.

                  • Lorna

                    It's wonderful to read all the talent here each day - you are one of the masters Fay.....

                  • Samreen Chowdhury

                    Wow , this Is truly a beautiful Poem.

                    • Lorna

                      Aren't you nice - thank you!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Lorna as long as your words come onto the page they reach so many of us on this site and those on here will always be with you.

                      • Lorna

                        Thank you Goldfinch - kind words!

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