Heavenly stranger

Staring at the stained glass 

lost in thought 
I think about life 
and all the things I've been taught 
Something catches my eye 
and I turn around 
I see a broken woman 
who barely made a sound 
She's on her knees 
with her hands clasped tight 
praying to her god 
for a bed for the night 
With no home to go to 
and no one to care 
she asks her god 
'Why am I here' 
As a tear streaks her face 
she stands to her feet 
she asks for a sign 
before she goes back to the street 
As the sun sets 
a ray of light blinds my eye 
I knew instantly 
I have to go say hi 
she tells me her story 
and how she became broken 
something stirred inside me 
mothering instinct had awoken 
bathed and fed 
I showed her, her room 
she wrapped her arms around me 
and said 'Thank you to the moon 
He answered my prayers 
as I was losing faith 
He works in mysterious ways 
and hes kept me safe' 
With her faith restored 
she heads back to church 
she takes a pew 
and whispers 'Thank you very much' 

(C) Julie Murphy 2016


  • Noah

    Such a beatific story with great rhyming. In a way I can relate to the woman at hand. I love that picture too!


    WELCOME JEWELS ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ thanks for sharing ! Well written and full of pathos and answered Prayer ! My experience is GOD does hear and answer Prayer ~ whoever we may be and however we may pray ~ AMEN Yours BRIAN ~ Loved the Picture ~ Beautiful ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B

  • Laura

    Beautiful poem, Jewels...
    the writing and the act of


  • blessednloved

    This is amazing! Glad I stopped to read this!

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    it`s great when an act of kindness can mean so much

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write about the power that Faith can achieve.
    Welcome to MPS.

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