Being the Kind Girl

Yeah, Im that kind girl always getting used. Never hit my phone unless you want something new. When I need help no one wants to even move. But when it's you... well that's a totally different matter to you.                                                                                                                                      I always go out my way to help people like you but you don't appreciate the shit I do.                                                       I always say I'll stop doing the things I do but honestly being the kind girl I just let it all loose. 



    THANKS NUANA ~ The emotions expressed in your Poem ~ rang a BELL with ME ~ 'cos I'M that kind of Man ! Always helping people ~ always going the extra mile ~ always putting others first ! That's how my Folks were and that's how they brought me up I guess ! As you say when i need help often those | have helped are nowhere to be seen. My main motivation id to please GOD rather than MAN and to do things for good rather than gain. I great a lot of JOY out of being a helper and an encourager and some are very grateful. My extended Family are always there for me and my Church Family so i really blessed ~ Hope this all helps ~ YOUR MPS FRIEND BRIAN ! Please check my poems and my FUSION (click DEVELOPING TO SEE IT) on Chocolate ! Yours BRIAN

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    this is amazing if you read some of my poems you'll see your not alone when it comes to being used

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