Mary and the Little Snake

Mary had a little snake

Her parents worried so

What are we to do with one

Who picks them up for show

No cuddly teddy for this child

But wildlife in her mitts

Where did she come from

They both cried

I think she's lost her wits!


  • marlenawood

    Oh wow great writing love!!! I absolutely enjoyed this!!! I love snakes nature etc. epic

  • orchidee

    A fine write Lorna, I s-s-s-s-say. Good snake impersonation there, innit?! lol. A potential few moments away from being strangled. Arrggh!

    • Lorna

      Great snake impression Orchi! But then you've spent so much time in the Garden of Eden!

      • orchidee

        Boo hoo I ate that 'apple' (or whatever it was that Eve ate first). Then she blamed 'hissing Sid!'

      • FineB

        Thank you Lorna.

        A wonderful poem.

        There's nothing like a bit of character in a child.

        Keep writing

      • Michael Edwards

        Having a 6 year old grandson who also likes snakes I can see where this is coming from - brill write Lorna.-

        • Lorna

          How cute..... you'll teach him how to draw....... he'll let you hold his snakes........ who gets the best end of this deal!

        • Laura🌻

          A great write and pic...but I can’t look at it more than once! Snakes are definitely NOT my thing...some day I’ll tell you you why!


          • Lorna

            I'm absolutely with you Laura....... that's why I picked this picture which is relatively benign......... you should see some of them! Kids lolling around on the floor (or sofa!) with pythons......... I guess the parents must count the kids at night to see who's missing............ lol........... "Oh no dinner for the snake tonight..... he's already eaten...." A form of late birth control? And your message is a tease - "tell me later" indeed....... I'll wonder about that all day!

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write Lorna, kids can be fearless.

            • Lorna

              Yes Andy ... I remember myself! That's because they haven't figured out yet that they can DIE! Come here pretty little snake.............. Best birthday card I ever bought was Death with a Sickle crooking his finger and saying "That's right....... come to Papa"............ cracked me up!

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