(c) 2018 Edward York


Her confidence had all but faded,

As she sat in the waiting chair.

She waited for the interview,

While she fidgeted with her hair.


She had worked hard to get ready,

From grooming to her dress.

On the outside she looked ready,

On the inside she was still a mess.


She had met others outside waiting,

She had talked to one or two.

She was impressed by what they told her,

About experience and what they knew.


She couldn't see that she had value.

For all the things that she'd done..

If she competed with the new graduates,

She could easily have won..


She was the CEO of her household,

A chauffeur, a maid and a chef.

She did their schedules and finances,

She did them all just by herself.


She was a part-time nurse and teacher,

She was a referee and a trainer too.

Anyone who really knew her,

Would be impressed by what she could do.


So when you hear her say she's just a housewife,

Don't think of her in a lesser way.

She's done thousands of jobs that were needed,

She just didn't get the pay.

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  • Christina8

    Thank you for this, laser! I needed this today!

    • lasergraph

      I hope it helped put you in a good place.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Your poetry is so down-to-earth that every time I read it, I feel like I'm heading home. A pleasant read every single time. Well done sir.

      • lasergraph

        I thank you so much. I am a simple guy in a complex world.

      • orchidee

        A fine write laser. We sit and wait in places sometimes. We may worry; then confidence seeps away. The longer we wait, the worse it can get. Then we're all in a heap when the time comes for the interview, or whatever we're waiting for, and worn out before we've started, as in mentally exhausted!

        • lasergraph

          I have been there a few times, waiting to sell myself so to speak, sweaty palms and all.

          • orchidee

            It's a daft expression they use, I think: 'sell yourself'. How much do we cost? And if we've sold ourselves, are we still us ourselves? And why am I waffling on incoherently? Well almost! lol. Also at interviews: 'I give 110% always'. Where's the extra 10% coming from then?! lol.

          • Aislinn Wilson

            Very interesting! Glad to have read it today

            • lasergraph

              Thank you, I am also glad.

            • Accidental Poet

              Excellent write Ed. Confidence is a terrible thing to waste, no matter who's confidence it is.

            • Goldfinch60

              What a superb write, the ladies of the house do an amazing job.

              • lasergraph

                I have witnessed it many times.

              • Laura🌻

                A beautiful write!

                She didn’t get the pay because she never asked for one! She’s a special woman I admire!

                When you love what you do FOR YOUR FAMILY, remuneration is neither expected nor wanted! All we want is to be LOVED, HONORED, and RESPECTED! It’s a club of the elite!


                • lasergraph

                  Her importance can't be overstated.

                  • Laura🌻

                    You’re so right!

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