You tell me you miss me, 

then I reply. 

You say that you’re sorry, 

oops, never mind. 

I know I still love you, 

all of the same. 

Do you love me too, 

or is it all just a game? 


You’re pulling at my heart,

then you just stop. 

You’re tearing me apart, 

soon I’ll just drop. 

I’ll be on the floor, 

my body lie lame, 

please baby no more, 

quit playing these games.


I thought you were done playing

so I got down on one knee. 

I pulled out a diamond ring, 

said “will you marry me?”

You always said you’d say I do

and you wanted my last name, 

but it wasn’t really true, 

just another game. 


Our life could have been great, 

full of such joy,

but now you’re too late 

to win back you’re ex-boy.

now there’s nothing left to see, 

nothing in the frame. 

Think where we could be

if you hadn’t played those games. 












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    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ Interesting dilemma which happens more often than us MEN care to admit. I agree those LASSES that turn us down ~ don't know WHAT THEY MISSED ! MY MANTRA ~ is ~ "Better to have Loved and Lost than never to have Loved at all !" I have always learned something positive from each relationship ~ Thanks for sharing . Yours BRIAN Please check my Poems ~ Thanks BRIAN.

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