Nicholas Browning

Onus of Living

Torn and battered, a bard's song carried throughout a millennium.

In verse, parchment, adaptations are made.

Sung, written, belittled and praised:

And still it would be forgotten.


Consent, give it. Bestow upon yourself true understanding.

Perspective is a fundamental.

A fact must be seen before it be trusted,

Exonerate the sinners while condemning the innocents.


Triumphant in your bitter duty,

Respectful in all dignified concepts.

Live in reverie, till the last of your days,

But no one shall recall from which massacre you really leapt.


Give credence to your cause,

Your purpose shall never sway.

Designed like all the rest of us;

We will live, and then decay.




  • orchidee

    yes, the same end for every human being. This came to mind reading this - St Francis of Assisi said 'What one is before God, that is what one is, and no more'.

    • Nicholas Browning

      A human. Indeed. See? This one was as plain as day! Victory at last! But of course it shan't be remembered!

      • orchidee

        I'm not human sometimes. I'm half-human, half guinea-pig, as in my pic, so I say. Which one is me? lol.

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      • onepauly

        Great Write
        it means something
        i'll take impassivly

        • onepauly

          sorry I meant passivily.
          don't know everything.
          great write again.
          it shall be recorded in eternity.

          • Nicholas Browning

            Haha, thank you sir. That's a good title for a poem. Hmmmmm.

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          • Daveyboyz

            There's truth in this, well written.

          • Michael Edwards

            Unless we are cremated..! great final line.

          • Maxine Smith

            Nicely done, a cleverly written piece.

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write Nicholas. My body may well decay or get blown in the wind but My Spirit will go on forever.

            • Nicholas Browning

              Hah, that's a wonderful belief sir. I respect that greatly.

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