QUEEN ELIZABETH II ~ An Aristocratic Sonnet



QUEEN ELIZABETH ~ Longest serving UK Monarch

UPSTANDING & always Faithful ~ Elizabeth & Phillip

EVERYONE loves Her ~ in the UK and Worldwide 

EVERYONE admires Her and the COOL UK MONARCHY !

NINETY-TWO yesterday ~ She has timeless Beauty


EVERYWHERE The QUEEN goes She's  always welcome

LOVES the COMMONWEALTH and has visited all Countries

I HAVE met the QUEEN at a Garden Party ~ She is .......

ZEALOUS and more lovely in Person than on TV

ALL THIRTEEN Prime Ministers have had a weekly audience

BRITAIN benefits greatly from the MONARCHY


THE BRITISH are well known for Pomp & Circumstance



Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


The QUEEN is interested in all aspects of life in BRITAIN

Art ~ Music ~ Fashion ~ Academia ~ Nature & Sport 

She is a lifelong supporter of Horse Racing & Equestrian

Events and She "dropped in" on the 2012 London Olympics !

TODAY (22 04 18) She is the Official Starter of the Famous

London Marathon !  For the last 66 Years She has been 

Everywhere & Anywhere she is the best British Monarch

of all times ~ LONG LIVE THE QUEEN ~ AMEN !      



  • Fay Slimm.

    A fitting and well written tribute to a wonderful lady who is such a fine example of doing her utmost as British Monarch. How exciting for you Brian to have met the Queen at on e of her parties - I saw her once but only in passing and she is as your verse says much more amazing in person than as seen on T.V. - - - a lovely read.


      THANKS FAY ~ YES INDEED ~ I have always supported the ROYAL FAMILY and in many respects it is what makes BRITAIN always GREAT. The Queen has been a great personal example since she was born in 1926 ~ 92 years ago ! My Parents and Grandparents always speak highly of her and Her Christian Faith and infinite sense of duty ~ Long may she reign ! I am a FELLOW of the ROYAL SOCIETY of CHEMISTRY and the Duke of Edinburgh is our Patron so that gave an opportunity to attend ! She is so so gracious and treats everybody ~ equally ! Pleased you liked my TRIBUTE ~ I saw her press the button to start the London Marathon before I went to Church ~ as usual she looked very REGAL ~ Long May She Reign ~ AMEN ~ Yours as always ~ BRIAN

    • orchidee

      A fine tribute Brian. But I thought - poor woman, she had to sit through a Birthday Concert last night. I tuned in to it on telly for 5 minutes! I could not stand the ghastly horrors of the performers any longer! lol. Enough to make one (and 'one') dread one's birthdays.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS STEVE ~ Yes indeed ! I was at an old fashioned Barn Dance last night in the Village Hall ~ we even had Morris Dancers ~ Her Majesty would have loved it ! I\'ve taped the BIRTHDAY CONCERT for dejavu but may not bother now ! That\'s what you get when you let Harry loose ! She should have asked Charlie he\'s very MEDIEVAL ! MUSAK is not appropriate for H M Q ! Pleased you liked my tribute to Her Majesty ~ I\'m a Socialist Monarchist ! I love the line \"Confound their Politics ~ Frustrate their Knavish Tricks\" ~ Real touch of Gilbert & Sullivan ~ Thanks for you comments ~ BRIAN

        • orchidee

          I don't know any knaves! lol. You know any?

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        • Christina8

          An awesome tribute to your Queen! Still at her age, doing such a fine job for the Monarch. Excellent! I can't believe you've met the Queen!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRIS ~ She was only 26 when she became QUEEN in 1952 and has been totally dedicated to Her Role as Queen of the UK & Commonwealth for 66 Years ! She has had 13 Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Theresa May ! and the Duke is our President Hundreds of people get to go to the Garden Parties so you only get a few minutes to chat ~ but it is an HONOUR ~ I got to go because I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Duke is our President ! Pleased you liked the Poem & Picture & Video ~ Yours Hugs ~ Brian & Angela @@@@@@@

          • Laura🌻

            Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
            A great tribute to your Queen Elizabeth II.
            An intriguing royal family! I only know what I read and what I hear from others. I’ve heard negative and positive comments. Not fair for me to make any judgments!
            Un Abbraccio e Baci...

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            CIAO LAURA ~ NOSTRA AMICA BELLA ! The BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY ~ Is very large but most of them do a normal job and are not paid by the State ! It is a Monarchy by Heredity so (If they wish succeed to the Throne) CHARLES will be next KING ~ then WILLIAM and then CEORGE. When KATE ~ Wife of William ~ has her next Baby it will be 5th in succession to the throne. Prince Harry will be 6th so it is unlikely that HARRY will be King & Meghan Queen ! The Queen ~ Charles ~ William & Harry do get an allowance because they carry out Royal Duties. Because of Tourism & Trade with the Commonwealth ~ The Queen & Immediate Royals give back far more to the UK ~ than they receive ~ currently they are in a very strong position ! Baci e Abbracci e Amore ANGELA e BRIAN XOXOX

          • Goldfinch60

            Good tribute to a wonderful Lady. Indeed God save the Queen.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks ANDY ~ We should all Love & Respect the QUEEN & Her Royal Family. They are all a great asset and a great blessing to the UK and her standing & image in the WORLD ! Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my four ELEMENTS ~ Thanks B.

            • FineB

              Thank you Brian.

              A lovely poem and excellent tribute to her Majesty.

              Keep writing

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