False Footings - Epistles of Peter Series - 10

Tune: St Fulbert

('Ye choirs of new Jerusalem')

2 Peter 2 v.19-22


False teachers promise liberty

But they themsleves, they be

The servants of corruption, for

They on wrong path for sure


For of whom one is overcome

This is their state, their sum

That they are bought in bondage to

Their deceivings anew


For their end worse than [their] beginning

One time men did them bring

Knowledge of salvation that they

Might walk in God's true way


But they did turn from righteous way

The night became their day

They turned from the Lord's commandments

Given to repentants


But it is happened to them, know

These true proverbs be so

Dogs again turned to their vomit 

Washed pigs [return] to muddy pit




  • orchidee

    It's not as if these 'false teachers' were ignorant or unknowing. Peter explains that they had know the way of truth originally, but chose to turn from it. Then he says proverbs can apply to them, of dogs returning to their vomit (yuk!) and pigs that have been washed return to a roll in the mud! OK for pigs to enjoy, but causes defilement for these false teachers.

  • Goldfinch60

    We get many 'false teachers' nowadays only they are called politicians!

    • orchidee

      Ahh, dunno if Peter meant in politics too, as he wrote to the church! ooh. I will have words with the PM then. She goes with hubby to a fairly local church I know.


      HI STEVE ~ Thanks for the ORGAN RECITAL and the warning against FALSE TEACHERS & FALSE TEACHING. When I preach or teach in CHURCH ~ I always use the Scriptures ! Very important in these days of False prophets. Thanks for your DAILY SPIRITUAL UPLIFT ! ~ Yours Brian

      • orchidee

        Thanks Brian.

      • Lorna

        Well I don't know about the dogs and the pigs although Time Magazine recently put a picture on its cover of Trump with a pig's nose........ I had the privilege once to see Salisbury Cathedral Orchi! Thanks for the clip of the cathedral "in action"........

        • orchidee

          Thanks Lorna. Erm, dogs and pigs not found in many hymns! Am I hob-nobbing with Bishops? I know the Bishop of Salisbury! Well, not personally, but from a previous church he was at, in London UK. Not that I live in London..... More tea Vicar? or Bishop? And 'English' cucumber sandwiches! Oh, do shut up Orchi! lol.

        • FineB

          Thank you Orchidee.

          A powerful and perceptive poem!

          False prophets are everywhere though with the UK govt at the moment they seem to be ever prevalent with all that has been happening recently in the UK.

          Keep writing

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fine.

          • Laura

            A fine write. A very timely subject...politicians preaching...false teachings...UK...USA...ITALY...etc.
            Thank you for sharing!

            I enjoyed listening to the clip!
            The Cathedral is beautiful!


            • orchidee

              Thanks Laura.

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