NEW ORLEANS ~ STREET JAZZ ~ A 4 4 4 2 Sonnet




Are in a class of their OWN 

Especially in New Orleans

Exceptional CLASS is shown !


Play unrestricted in the streets

The FEDS all turn a blind eye

The JAZZ they play ~ Pure New Orleans

Free for the passers bye !


STREET BUSKERS ~ here in the UK

You hear while out for Jog

Are nothing to write home about

Just one Man and his howling DOG !


The big exception ~ beg my pardon

Classical Buskers in COVENT GARDEN !


Thanks for listening ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


NEW ORLEANS ~ The home of JAZZ ~ Became part of

the USA in 1803 and was purchased from FRANCE by

Thomas Jefferson (America's Greatest President !) in

the Louisiana Purchase @ 3 cents per Acre !

I visited with a group of JAZZ / ELVIS fans in 2003

(ante-alluvione) an amazing city and we enjoyed a

Jazz Cruise on the Mississippi and the up to Memphis

to "meet" Elvis and then on to the Opry for the Johnny

Cash Memorial Concert hosted by Kriss Kristopherson !

If you've never been to New Orleans ~ Put it on your

"MUST DO" list and go for MARDI GRAS (5th March 2019)

when you see her at her most flambouyant. She has now

recovered from the disastrous floods in 2005 ~ many died 

and many left (mainly to Texas) and never came back !  




  • orchidee

    A fine write Brian. That dog probably sings better than me! A talking, singing dog?!


      THANKS STEVE ~ I do my best to inform and entertain as you do to evangelise ! The picture of Blackbeard and His Dog Howler shows a typical One Man UK BUSKER on the Streets of London and other Major Cities ~ I always drop them a Pound because they they are BUSKING and not just BEGGING ~ what they spend the pound on is between them & their conscience ~ better COKE than COCAINE ~ better BED than BOOZE ! The same with BIG ISSUE SELLERS (now about £3) I generally give them a FIVER in return for a few minutes chat and I often give them a GIDEON NEW TESTAMENT & PSALMS which they never refuse ~ AMEN ! Have you been to New Orleans ? You would love it ! Yours BRIAN

    • Laura

      Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
      Thank you for that bit of history!
      I do agree with you about New Orleans! The best time is during Mardi Gras! It can get a bit crazy, but it’s fun! Have been there twice.
      Oh, what fun!
      Abbracci e Baci per te ed Angela...

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        "Grazie LAURA ~ Nostrsa Cara Amica ~ "Mardi Gras a NEW ORLEANS e sempre sevaggio e stravaganti ~ un' experienza che non dimenticati mai ! I plan to go again soon. Angela has been to Carnivale a Venizia Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday !) Pleased you liked the Poem ~ Pic & Performance and the History Lesson ! I have studied American History (Open Learning) in the 18th 19th & 20th C ~ very interesting ! Baci e Abbracci con Amore ~ Angela e Brian XOXOX

      • marlenawood

        Love love love it

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          GEE MARLENA ~ You sure caught the vibe ! THANKS THANKS THANKS ~ Your Jazzy Friend ~ BRIAN !

        • Christina8

          I love NOLA even after the hurricane! So rich in culture and heritage. I've never heard of them called "buskers" but street performers and they add life to the streets. Wonderful write! Love the add-on at the end!. Sister Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRISTINA ~ Pleased you enjoyed it ! I have visited the USA on & off for 20 years ! On thing that has always impressed me is the quality of Street Performers ~ especially on the West coast in Cities like San Francisco & Los Angeles etc. Not just Jazz & Country & Blues but also Classical ! I get the impression that most Americans can Sing & Dance or Play an instrument so if they are down on heir luck ~ they get out on the Street & Busk (Perform) ! I always give Street Performers a few Dollars ~ Pounds ~ Euros etc ~ because they are actually doing SOMETHING ~ BUSKING and not just BEGGING ! As you know I always like to give a bit of INFORMATION in my POEMS ~ OK Blessings ~ Brother BRIAN !

          • Goldfinch60

            The home of jazz has so much to give us and you have seen it, that is wonderful Brian.

          • Jhe

            re london buskers ~ to be fair, you sometimes hear really good ones down inside Waterloo station,
            & at Trafalgar Square ~ i've missed buses home to listen to them there

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