My Sails are Luffing

The sails on my little boat are luffing

You are the wind that always filled them

Yours was the compass I looked to

Yours the direction I steered by


If the wind is dying slowly

The voyage coming to an end

Before you go

Raise the wind again


Fill the sails enough

To keep my little boat afloat


  • Goldfinch60

    May the wind be always in your sails Lorna.

    • Lorna

      Thanks Andy.......

    • orchidee

      This poem is 'floating my boat', as they say!

      • Lorna

        And you'll huff and you'll puff Orchi? I'm glad you like!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks for sharing LORNA ~ Cool Picture ~ Melancholy Song ~ Sad Poem ! LUFFING is a cool word and something I have often done in Lake Sailing where the wind iv very unpredictable ! "Steering close to catch the wind in your sails".
        When we are losing someone close we can reflect on the effect of their presence in nautical terms as in many songs ! They are the "Wind in our Sails" and the "Compass to direct us" ! In my experience ~ the sad thing is ~ when they've gone ~ their support & guidance goes with them. We must cherish our Mentors while we still have them ! Every Blessing BRIAN ! Please check my Poem & Fusion ~ Thanks B ! Please check my Poem & Fusion ~ Thanks B !

      • LittleRedPoet

        This is a wonderful write!

        • Lorna

          Glad you like LRP!

        • marlenawood

          I absolutely love this Lorna and I'll have to start posting my artwork for you all to see. Much love

          • Lorna

            Oh yes please! We'd love to see M!

          • Laura🌻

            I have a feeling your sails will forever be filled to keep your little boat afloat!
            I sense through your writings that you’re a very strong individual with a great sense of humor that will rise above any adversity thrown your way!


          • MendedFences27

            Brilliant metaphor! A simple but powerful poem. Life, boats, wind , and sails; simple things that express a sadness and a hope. Terrific poem. - Phil A.

            • Lorna

              So glad you like it Phil.........

            • Maxine Smith

              This is fantastic Lorna. Well done hunny.

              • Lorna

                Thanks for your nice comment Maxine!

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