The Inevitability of 3 A.M.

People die at 3 a.m.

It's a popular time

To succumb


People cry at 3 a.m.

The velvet darkness

Is a friend


The past's alive at 3 a.m.

The future clashes

With it then


The future looms at 3 a.m.

Its less optimistic

Than in the sun


Leavings are planned at 3 a.m.

No stopping time

Nowhere to run


  • nicolibellamont

    Made me smile.

    • Lorna

      That's good....... the sun must be up.

    • orchidee

      All that while we're asleep - well, usually, or hopefully!

      • Lorna

        Xactly Orchi........ best escape is to be asleep at that time!

      • Laura🌻


        So uncanny that you chose this particular time to write about. My father died at 3:00a.m. on a Monday !

        You’re so right...
        “No stopping time
        Nowhere to run”

        Loved the write complemented with the pic and video! Perfectly orchestrated!


        • Lorna

          You're always so nice Laura........ Not sure I always deserve the favs though..... 3 a.m. is infamous........... There's Frank Sinatra's song also: One for My Baby (and One More for the Road) - that was a quarter to 3........

          • Laura🌻

            Don’t shortchange yourself! You deserve all the favs you get!
            When I read a verse and I think it deserves a comment, I will comment and save it in my favs!
            Yes, ol blue eyes! A former boss of mine introduced me to Frank Sinatra’s music! He was obsessed with Sinatra! When he passed away (my former boss), he left me his entire collection of Sinatra’s music!


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          • dusk arising

            Yes those early hours certainly have something. I know i have written many pieces during them when night has solidly settled but i can't.
            Your piece is so easily readable and entertaining whilst having depth but, i'm glad to say, no darkness.
            Wish i'd written it!!! LOL It's going into my favourites.

            • Lorna

              Wow- thanks!

            • Michael Edwards

              Thankfully I'm always fast asleep at 3am - great write Lorna

            • Goldfinch60

              Very good write. 3am is the time that I remember something I have been trying to remember all day!

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