I Pray

I used to laugh and say the world

Had gone crazy.

Now I look at my son and pray

It isn't true.


My own childhood innocence

Seems so hazy.

With things how they are what is a parent

Supposed to do?


I guess my worries are just those

Any parent fears.

I want to be there always to hold him

When he cries.


I pray he trusts and depends on me

Through the years.

I hope he knows I'm there to support him

With anything he tries.


I worry about what is right or wrong,

How to teach it.

I try to make sure he grows to be

A good man.


I pray his heart stays true and I'm always able

To reach it.

I pray for these things with

Everything I am.


  • b-LAH-que

    Great costruct and format. I definitely noticed the rhyme scheme and how it played through each set of lines, and how it paired nicely with the deeper content of your poem. Well done.

    • SLR

      Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    • Michael Edwards

      Great poem - super construct - Enjoyed

      • SLR

        Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!

      • Goldfinch60

        We should always be there for our children and (in my case) grandchildren, we must be the person to whom they know they can come. Good write.

        • SLR

          I agree completely. If kids (and grandkids!) can't rely on their parents (and grandparents) who can they rely on? They'll turn to friends who probably haven't been through enough life themselves to give good, solid advise.

        • nicolibellamont

          I have a 4 year old son and I pray and think the same things all of the time.

          • SLR

            I'm glad you could relate. Parents worry about their kids, part of being a parent. :-)

          • Maxine Smith

            Beautiful written, worry is normal, our hearts are walking around in the world and it’s our uncontrollable insitc to worry for them.
            Great job.

            • SLR

              Thank you so much. It's completely natural and normal for parents to worry. I love how you phrased it, Our hearts are walking around. That's exactly right! Thank you for your comment.

              • Maxine Smith

                No problem, it is such an honest read.

              • orchidee

                I can't see if you are male or female from your profile. You're a 'good man' or 'good woman' by the tone of this poem :)

                • SLR

                  I kinda did that on purpose. I don't want people to be influenced by what sex I am. To have 'this is from a man's point of view' or 'this is from a woman's point of view' outlook when they read my work. I wanted people to read it from a completely open mind from their own perspective. Thank you for your comments and I'm glad you think I'm a good person. It doesn't always/usually come naturally. I have to watch out for the meanness inside so that it doesn't make an appearance outside too often.

                • Laura

                  I believe that if we teach our children by our example, they’ll be fine! They will stumble along the way, just as we (their parents) do/have! We need to tell them that it is ok. Stumbling is part of the journey!
                  I agree with Goldfinch60’s comment! It helps for them to have family members they can depend upon! We need to support them and be there when they need us! I know it’s a cliché, but it does “take a village” to raise a child!

                  An awesome relatable write.

                  • SLR

                    I know they'll stumble on the way but I'm hoping that they won't make as many or as bad mistakes as I have. I'm also hoping that they'll follow their dreams and have fewer regrets. Thank you for your great comment.

                    • Laura

                      Truthful communication is imperative!

                      I know you know all that I’m saying! Sorry for putting in more than my two cents. Sometimes I can’t help myself...especially when children are involved! I feel the need to comment! That’s me!!

                      I’ve traveled on a rocky road with my son!

                    • Jhe

                      This is sweet & deep poem.
                      I especially like the lines:
                      "I worry about what is right or wrong,
                      How to teach it ( ... )
                      I pray his heart stays true and I'm always able
                      To reach it."

                      life can be a complicated lesson, and sharing what we've learned can also be tricky, especially when trying to word things so our kids don't notice the "age gap"
                      ...and how to make them aware of hazards without scaring them out of living?
                      It's quite a balancing act!

                      & if they become jaded, or worse, if we make them jaded, reaching (or being let into) their hearts can become difficult...
                      But in praying that they never grow out of their open-mindedness, you're saying there's still hope, not just for your family's future hapiness, but for everyones, and that's a wonderful thing to share.
                      Thank you

                      • SLR

                        I love this comment. you've captured the struggle exactly. The balancing act that is the joy/struggle/hardest job ever! that is parenting! Thank you so much for your kind words.

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