OUR FARM HOLIDAY'S ~ A super family get away

Horse riding adventures ~ then we feed them some hay

Country perfume lingers in animals habitat

Children hold their noses ~ THAT SMELL ?  WHAT IS THAT ? !

Then we sleep tight ~ there's no alarm to wake them in the night

Only the sound of the cockerels song ~ to wake them at first light !


THE ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT ~ A favourite place of mine

I love to Walk & Swim & Mountain climb

My favourite's Great Gable and also Scafell Pike

Standing on the Top of England ~ that I like !

The Lakes are great to swim in ~ especially Windermere

But only in high Summer ~ when it's warm enough My Dear !


HOLIDAY CAMP ~ where we are one with Nature

Soothing silence ~ of the Wildlife Creatures

Explore the woods ~ collect sticks for the fire

We all sit round ~ marshmallows melting ~ all for our desire

Going back to basics ~ learning to live without

Feel the buzz ~ discovering what Life is really all about !


FRANCE is great for Caravans ~ Love to go in SEINE 

Living close to Paris ~ that's my claim ! 

Pop in on the  Metro ~ visiting the Loure

Meet the Mona Lisa ~ classical art groove

Eifel Tower ~ Champs Eleysee ~ Palace of Versailles

Arc de Triumph ~ Notre Dame all in my FRANCE I SPY !


RIVER CRUISING on the THAMES ~ remember vividly

The sounds of rippling water ~ as the Duck swim timidly

As we cruise the river's motions we sway through

Joyful birds sing harmonies ~ we fight the urge to join in too !

The River captures understated beauty

As we glide through ~ its peace and its tranquility !


I really want to stay in ~ each State of the USA

But two are non-contiguous Alaska & Hawaii

Hawaii I will visit when the Volcano dies away !

But I have been up the Inside Passage to Alaska

To see the Glaciers ~ Seals and Whales

The Inuits we lovely ~ and its cooler than Nebraska !


Thanks for visiting ~ Love MAXINE & BRIAN XOXOX 


We hope and pray that you will manage to have

a SUMMER HOLIDAY this year ! It's nearly JUNE

and in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE the Summer

weather has already started do get your bags packed

book your Holiday Destination and GO GO GO !  





  • orchidee

    A fine write and pics there from you both!

    • Maxine Smith

      Thanks Orchidee, the beautiful weather we are finally having makes me want to go back to the river Thames.


      Thanks STEVE it was fun to write ~ we are pleased with the outcome ! Pleased you liked it ~ A Collaboration Poem always brightens a MONDAY MORNING ~ Yours M & B

    • Michael Edwards

      A big congrats to both of you - a real top notch collab. Makes me think we must book our next break - currently considering the Greek Islands as a cruise or tour . I do prefer tours though as you see so much more.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THAT IS TRUE MICHAEL ~ You see so much on a Tour ~ not just Port Hopping ! We went to CUBA last year and toured the Western half if the Island and stayed in about five Centres. We really saw CUBA and what is more ~ we met the People ~ excellent ! Every Blessing on your vacation. I will be visiting NZ in AUGUST to see Angela & Ruth and we (DAVID & I) will come back via HAWAII ! Thanks for your comment ~ Yours BRIAN & MAXINE

        • Maxine Smith

          I would love to see the world, discover all new cultures.
          Thank you Michael

        • Christina8

          An awesome write from you both!! The stanzas complimented each other well. Looking forward to summer! Great job Brian and Maxine!

          • Maxine Smith

            Aw thank you Hun. A lovely summery idea from Brian, was a pleasure to collaborate in this uplifting piece.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks CHRIS ~ pleased you liked it and found the six poems complemented each other ~ which (as you know) is the main linguistic purpose of a Collaboration Poem. Max and I are both from the County of \"LANCASHIRE\" so we have common experiences of childhood holidays but different ones as we have grown up and especially as Max has a Family ! We decided on SIX SEXTETS which gave us 36 lines in all ~ long for MPS. There is a lovely flow and cohesion to the Poem ~ for which we are grateful ! Thank for your comment ~ Tus Hermanos Poeticos ~ MAXINE & BRIAN XOX

            • Fay Slimm

              Such a happy and informative read - - well done you two with lots of encouragement for me to go back to gay Paris and relive the past. Am tempted to cruise the Thames after reading the fun to be had. Great combo and thanks for sharing.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks FAY ~ Collaborations are FUN but there must be like-mindedness between the Collaborators to produce a seamless garment ! MAX and I are both from Lancashire so our Childhood experience and concept of a Holiday is similar ! Because MAX is a MUM she has picked child-orientated holidays and I can still spread my wings and in August I have booked for NZ to see Angela ! Pleased you liked it ~ Yours MAX & BRIAN XOX

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