is there anybody out there


Ten thousand angels singing

Ten thousand demons cry


They have all the answers

They know the reason why


Is anybody out there?

Can you hear my call?


Please send me an answer

I need to know it all


Somewhere in the distance

Beyond the setting sun


Ten thousand angels singing

Ten thousand demons run


 I stand before the altar

In the temple of the King


He has all the answers

He tells me everything


  • Broken_kingdom

    Why do the demons cry? In reality they're the ones that are free

    • willyweed

      Thank you for the save I disagree demons are slaves to their master peace we

      • Broken_kingdom

        The angels are the ones that have to watch have something they might never have. The demons may be slaves but they are more free in some sense. After all they can do what they want and angels are bound by rules.

      • Laura🌻

        Beautiful poem!

        My favorite...
        “Ten thousand angels singing
        Ten thousand demons run”


      • Michael Edwards

        Just flows - such great meter - another winner Willy.

        • willyweed

          Thanks so much Michael ww

        • orchidee

          Ccooeeee, I'm here! lol. A fine write ww.

        • Goldfinch60

          Super write and yes there is somebody out there and always will be.

        • willyweed

          Thank you ww

        • Syd

          Really good poem Willyweed, reminds me of Pink Floyd - The Wall.

          - Syd

          • willyweed

            Thank you Syd I have poems aplenty....enjoy also thanks for the save as a fav. peace ww

          • Jane Frye

            Very good. Thanks for sharing it.

            • willyweed

              your welcome I appreciate the read. ww

            • smallest_stars

              I enjoy this poem or maybe it's more of a prayer. It's encouraging. By the way, who are they in the second stanza? The angels? And do they know all because of God? Just wondering.


              • willyweed

                Thanks for the read Charlotte I do appreciate it ( they are both the angels and demons for seeing more than we can. I say more then we can but I mean more the we do because we use only a small percent of our true brain power. And yes everything is because of GOD. it's a slice of heaven to meet you and sweet dreams 4 u...peace ww

              • GON

                Is there anybody in there?

                • willyweed

                  what does that suppose to mean?

                  • GON



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