Before the Service started

The problems came first,

There was no projectionist!

How could we sing the hymns?

How could we read the words?

The problem was vast!

But the thought crossed my mind

How on earth did we have Services

Before the Advent of technology.


The Service started

And there on the screen

Was the Service,

Well some of it!

The words were so small

Many could not read them.

A hymn started,

The organist played,

And the Choir joined in,

The congregation,

Those who could read the words,

Joined in.

Verse one was fine,

Then verse two was sung,

Followed by verse three

Then verse four,

No, where was verse four?

It had become verse five

For no reason.

The organist was confused,

The Choir was confused,

All went quiet.


The Service continued,

The address was given,

The screen showed pictures.

Death by Powerpoint once more,

But so small it could hardly be seen.

Then a statement was made,

We should get youngsters into nature

And away from their screens.

This hit home to me,

As this Service was led by the screen!

So again it came to me,

How on earth did we have Services,

Before the Advent of technology!


Another hymn was sung,

The first and second verse,

Followed by the Chorus.

The third verse was sung,

Then a picture came on the screen,

Not the words to the Chorus!

In the Choir I sang out loud,

The Choir followed.

We sang the Chorus,

The fourth verse,

And the final Chorus.

As we were all old fashioned,

WE had Hymn BOOKS!

How on earth did we have Services,

Before the Advent of technology?



  • orchidee

    Doh! if having hymn books, there's a fiendish trick - do we 'omit the starred verses' or not? The trick is that the service leader does not tell us, and only the choir know. They don't tell us either - leading to complete confusion and garbled words. We're not all singing from the same sheet (or verses rather)!
    One choir I knew was a bit like the Mafia - sing what WE want, or else....! 'The Firm' who controlled all the songs.

    • Goldfinch60

      In this case even as a member of the choir we did not know what was going on!!

      • orchidee

        And sometimes 'rounds' can be ghastly. it ends up ruining the songs, with everyone bumbling on, and not knowing which bit to sing!

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      • orchidee

        We had an infant Baptism. Sometimes causes a pantomime, and terrifying if the child is held over the font. Thankfully it went well, and the priest also kissed the baby in an 'ahh' moment!

      • dusk arising

        Well at least you dont have a public address system attached to the steeple and employ somebody to chant a horrible sounding monologue through it at certain times of day - as happens in parts of the world.
        I'm sure there was enough goodwill in your church on this occasion to generate a lot of smiles and understanding. Maybe a small test from above, a lesson perhaps.

        • Goldfinch60

          Very true da. The good will was there but occasionally we have a moan and this was one of those occasions.

        • Michael Edwards

          I can just visualise the scene and the irony of it even though I haven't witnessed technology in church - mind you I haven't attended a service in church (apart from funerals and marriages) for over 50 years.

          • Goldfinch60

            Technology in Church is becoming the norm but it used to be so much simpler and easier and somehow more relevant.

            • Michael Edwards

              Actually I've just recalled I was privileged to attend a service in St Peters with the Pope about 20 years ago.

            • Lorna

              Hey Andy - OMG - it's even hit church........ I retired in the nick of time .... they were making work impossible with "technical improvements"..... and just for funny..... my doctor missed telling me I had a touch of anemia because they had "changed systems" and he couldn't access my information as he was talking to me (with the screen at his side). Perhaps this is why the kids are going back to vinyl records.... they are just longing for simpler days..

              • Goldfinch60

                Oh yes it has hit Church. Those 'old fashioned' days were far easier and more meaningful.

              • Laura

                Reading your write has brought to mind so many examples of things gone wrong that I’ve witnessed because of technology when I was still teaching...using a “smart board”! Well many times when it’d malfunction, it wasn’t so smart!
                I enjoyed the read and listening to Queen!


                • Goldfinch60

                  I used to work in computing before I retired and it is the way that progress for 'faster' life is going. Even we had problems. One day we saw a prime example of how computing is divided into hardware and software, software is the programming, hardware the machinery on which it is written, one of my colleagues showed us what hardware means as he threw his computer screen against the wall, it was very noisy!
                  Queenare a wonderful group.

                  • Laura

                    Love it🤣🤣

                  • FineB

                    Thank you Goldfinch60.

                    An incredible poem.

                    Things were much better in the past when we truly used our mind and imagination before the advent of technology that has made us lazy at times.

                    Keep writing

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