Social Faces, Social Graces

Caution is thrown to the dogs

In my mind again.

Like a scimitar spinning through the air,

Intangible thoughts forever frozen

In time, reciprocating the same

Hopes, dreams, aspirations and fears.

And yet...and yet...

Some lives are criminally wasted? Some desires can

Uproot everyone around us.

Soul destroying, star crushing, blood pumping existence!

Oh- it is strange to be a baby kestrel 

In this culture of hidden, tasty worms.

Stranger yet to never find the words at the right

Time, place, century. I know this- 

The wrong words by the right people can murder a generation.

Can be the difference

Between love and hate, longing and togetherness.

How can so much feeling be in a moment? 

I don't know how. All I know now is:

This is the tiredness sleep cannot steal away

Like a robber in the night. This is the black and white

Game of chess, on top of a monument 

Built by blood, sweat, tears and hope.

Caution is thrown to the dogs 

In this dog eat dog world.

In my mind again. 



Social Faces, Social Graces by Sarah Fox


  • Candlewitch

    hello Sarah,

    this is an incredible write!! it says so much about our greedy failing culture! excellent job

    *hugs, Cat

    • Fox

      Really glad you like it! And that's very true haha
      At least there's no shortage of material to work with! It's nice to meet you too!

    • Fay Slimm.

      This write describes so clearly the depth our present culture has fallen to Sarah - - and how true the line on using wrong words - - keep that ink flowing - - look forward to reading more of your work..

      • Fox

        Thank you very much Fay! I sure will. Look forward to reading your work too!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME FOX ~ Thanks for your first poem ! It is good to get a Member majoring in English & Anthropology ~ and it shows ! Excellent use of words ~ excellent rhythm and a hint of rhyme ~ internal rhyme and half rhyme ! Love your use of metaphor to describe "Social Faces & Graces" the Scimitar ~ Baby Kestrels and Chess. These all exemplify your arguments for the inadequacies of Society and our inadequacy to cope with them. I too like the phrase "The wrong words by the right people can murder a generation" Thanks for sharing an excellent and though provoking poem ~ more please ~ Yours BRIAN Please check my Poems & Fusions. To add a poem to an ongoing fusion ~ you have to click on DEVELOPING ~ OK ~ Thanks B !

        • Fox

          Thanks Brian! Can't get over the positive response to this poem. I had a go at the fusion poem about your favourite day of the week. Thanks again for the feedback!

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good strong and true write in our present day culture.
          Welcome to MPS.

          • Fox

            Thanks Gold! Appreciate the feedback. Also, glad to be here!!

          • GON

            I don't know if I agree with or even understand the conceit of the poem itself, but the structure and diction make for an interesting read. Keep posting!

            • Fox

              Thanks for the constructive feedback GON!
              It's basically a poem about how it feels to be a member of society and a certain culture. A battle between an individual's own thoughts and those of society, 'Caution is thrown to the dogs/In my mind again'. What would make us happier? Very much sociological thinking. Hope this helps a little!

              • GON

                Oh yeah, I definitely got that bit of it. I suppose I was expecting to draw some type of conclusive message that perhaps I've overlooked.

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