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A Rose Is Lovely

A Rose Is Lovely


Roses are celebrations

Of the romance in our lives

They help keep together

The couples most alive


They symbolize to all

The love that they share

And are given too

Just to say I care  


A beautiful bouquet

Is a very romantic thing

That says I love you still

And for you I dream


All their beautiful colors

Are a treasure to behold  

With the traditional red

And yellow a couple I know


To flourish they need help

And a pruning now and then

It is where the loving starts

And the prized ones begin


All the time invested

Is rewarded every season

With a bouquet in a vase

For no apparent reason


When in a pretty vase

They brighten up a room

And say to all that see

Romance  is still in bloom








  • SLR

    Well written and sweet. The classic romantic rose is represented very well. Almost everyone likes to get roses. Though I do wonder how many of them realize how much work goes into making them so healthy and beautiful.

    • w c

      Thanks, SLR. Roses do ok on their own but really flourish with a little TLC. I appreciate your comments.

    • FineB

      Thank you wc.

      An enchanting and lovely poem.

      Pink and peach roses are my favourites.

      Keep writing

      • w c

        Thanks FineB! A peach rose is so beautiful. They bring to mind time in my grandmother's garden.

      • orchidee

        A fine write w c.

        • w c

          Thanks, orchidee. i appreciate your support.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks FRIEND for your Beautiful Eulogy to the QUEEN of FLOWERS the Rose. Giving Roses is Traditional ~ RED ONES on Valentines DAY (14 February). In my poem today I have outlined some the main ROSE COLOURS ~ and their meaning which is very important in British folklore. For significant Wedding Anniversaries I always give my Friends a Rose Bush ~ There are special ones for Silver ~ Ruby ~ Diamond etc. Like Ladies ~ Roses because are so so special ~ do need a lot of TLC to look their very BEST ! Thanks again for an excellent Poem an' Pic ~ Yours BRIAN

          • w c

            Thanks so much for your comments, Brian. The rose is so beautiful and all the attention it gets is well deserved. It's such a special gift when received and a pleasure to send as well.

          • Lorna

            Yes - and........ I'd rather buy them in a shop, because my fingers they cut up..............

            • w c

              Thanks, Lorna.

            • Goldfinch60

              Roses are so special on our lives, they mean so much to us.

              • w c

                Yes, Goldfinch. A rose is special and speaks volumes.

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