I REMEMBER The TREE where I used to swing

Ganpa's records by Mister Bing

On a wonderful ~ wind-up ~ wire-less thing

In the Cottage by the SEA !


I REMEMBER My KITE that reached the skies 

The seagulls with their plaintive cries

The taste of Ganma's apple pies

In the Cottage by the SEA !


I REMEMBER a GIRL ~ whose name was CHRIS

Who always tasted of liquorice

The abandoned Boat where we used to KISS

In the Cottage by the SEA !


I REMEMBER The Church with its musty smell

And the boring bong of its broken Bell

The Preachers who always warned of HELL

In the Cottage by the SEA !


I hope that you've enjoyed my STORY

Grandparents who always voted TORY

To earn their place with GOD in GLORY

And a Cottage by the celestial  SEA !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX 



  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 14th, 2018 02:39
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 35
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  • Lorna

    Thanks Brian for a fun poem of reminiscence - I enjoyed the song too - haven't heard it for years!


      Thanks LORNA ~ Things have changed a lot since our Grandparents Days ~ It is ALWAYS PRECIOUS to look back & remember. Love DEAN & NANCY this is their best DUET ~ Don't forget to check my FUSION ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Goldfinch60

      My grandad had a chalet in Swalecliffe, near Margate, many a wonderful time was had down there as kids. Thank you for making me remember that.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks ANDY ~ I like memory Poems because they always trigger memories ! Love MARGATE great place for childhood holiday ~ thanks GOD for GRANDADS ! The Cottage I went to was near St Annes ~ N W Coast often wet & blustery like today ! Did you enjoy DEAN & NANCY ? One of their best ! Yours BRIAN !

      • willyweed

        I really enjoyed reading this piece Brian memories of childhood days wonderful. you gotta have things....ww

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Yes indeed WILLY ~ Things like a walk in the PARK ! Pleased you enjoyed the POEM and also DEAN & NANCY ~ one of their best ! Pleased it tugged your memory Strings ! Every blessing ~ BRIAN

          • willyweed

            I also have to tell you I really enjoyed my visit to London, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. Very interesting places you have a wonderful Homeland . ww

          • orchidee

            A fine write Brian.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks STEVE ~ Pleased you liked it ~ Did you enjoy DEAN & NANCY ~ one of their best DUETS ! Please check my animal FUSION and a chance to hear "APACHE" (Shadows) Yours BRIAN

            • Gabriella

              I truly enjoyed reading this one wow 🙂

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks GABRIELLA ~ Pleased you liked it ! Nostalgic Poems are always the BEST ! Please read my ANIMAL FUSION (also nostalgic !) Click on developing to see it ~ and please add an Animal Poem ~ Yours BRIAN

              • Jane Frye

                Yout poem goes hand in hand with a glass of lemonade, on a sunny day, while sitting in my garden. Thank you for the shared poem.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks JANE ~ Pleased you liked it ! I love nostalgic Poems and this one wrote itself ~ almost ! My Parents have a lovely garden (I live in a gardenless flat !) and I always visit on a Sunday and a glass in the garden in the current weather (20+ C = 70+ F) is Heaven ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN

                  • Jane Frye

                    The poems that write themselves, just flow from our fingertips on the keyboard, always turn out to be the best poems.

                  • Christina8

                    Beautiful poem so reminiscent and rhymed so well! Great job! Sister Christina

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks CHRIS ~ I know you like rhyming quatrains ~ It makes a poem Look Good ~ Read Good and Recite Good ! Pleased you liked it ! Did you enjoy Nancy & Dean ~ one of their best duets together ~ HUGS ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

                    • FineB

                      A brilliant poem Brian.


                      Good loving Family and the joys of home comforts that’s all one really needs.

                      Keep writing

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