I'm sorry that you hate me like you do,

Although I don't know what I have done to you.

I'm sorry you think you have to feel this way,

You always want to argue each and every day.

I'm sorry that you get upset even over the little things,

and that I refuse to treat you like a king.

To get ahead in life you have to treat others with respect,

You can't be mean and have friends,what did you expect.

I'm sorry that you think you always need to feel this way,

but,after all tomorrow is another day.

  • Author: Melissa tucker (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 15th, 2018 15:05
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this one about my brother last night,we can't seem to get long.He feels that my faith and my daughter are a waste of time,not to mention my poetry.
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  • ForeverJesus6

    I have a brother too and a sister, and it seems as though I am in a struggle everyday with my faith, but we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
    Remain steadfast.
    Persistence is key


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh FRIEND ~ Families ~ they know us best ~ but sometimes they seem to understand us least ~ as you know your MPS Family are not like that ! We respect the things you love ~ like your Poetry (thanks for posting) your Faith (thanks for sharing) and You & Your Daughter (thanks for being YOU TWO !) We enjoy all your POSTINGS & COMMENTS ~ You are NEVER a waste of Space ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Hope you like the BEAR FAMILY ~ I posted for you on my Animal Fusion enjoy ~ B !

  • Frogspoetry

    Thank you so much,guys.It means so much to me to be supported in my journey to be a righteous Christian and in doing what I enjoy.LOVE YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST,MELISSA

  • Frogspoetry

    Thank you.I just keep being me,no matter what.

  • Goldfinch60

    All you can do is tell him how you feel. I have a younger brother (my younger brother has more grey hairs than I do) and we have always got on after a fashion but I would never have really had him as a friend but when he retired three years ago he changed and became very laid back, we communicate regularly, I would now have him as a friend. In time you will come to accept each other and all will be well.

  • orchidee

    I understand - there's 'spiritual opposition', even from our families sometimes. It's Old Nick behind it. Not that we're all possessed though!
    Meanwhile - Me - I don't hate ya; never said a word against ya; and I'll even sing to ya if ya want me to! heehee.

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