With You no shadow of turning I see

You never change ~ Your compassion it fails not

As You have been ~ You forever will be !


Summer & Winter and Springtime & Harvest

Sun Moon and Stars in their courses above

Join with all Nature in corporate witness

To Your great Faithfulness ~ Mercy & Love


Pardon for sin and a Peace that's enduring

Your own dear Presence to Cheer and to Guide

Strength for today and bright Hope for tomorrow

Blessings all mine ~ with ten thousand beside !


Great is Your Faithfulness ~ Great is Your Faithfulness

Morning by Morning ~ New Blessings I see

All I have needed Your hand has provided

Great is your FAITHFULNESS ~ LORD unto ME !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN 


TODAY is Father's Day in the UK.  Many of you know the 

Responsibility of being a FATHER and a GRANDFATHER. 

You must be an Example and an Encourager and also a

Support to all your CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN and

of course your WIFE. I am blessed with a Great Father

who taught me to respect Mankind all Living things the

Environment and to Trust in My Creator GOD !  He also

gave me a Love of Art ~ Music ~ Literature and He also

encouraged me to be a SCIENTIST ! Even though I'm 35

He still supports and guides me and corrects me ! 

I also have a SPIRITUAL FATHER ~ My Creator GOD

Who guides me through Prayer & His Word the BIBLE

His Presence protects me Day by Day by Day ~ AMEN !


This POEM is based on a HYMN by Thomas Chisolm.    



  • orchidee

    A lovely and true write Brian. Is you 35? You will soon be 117 then! heehee.


      THANKS UNCLE STEVE ! Pleased you liked it ~ I have now added the HYMN ~ you might like to revisit ! Yes I will be 100 in 2083 and my Physician assures me that ~ if I don't do anything stupid ~ I should make 100 and I would love to still be alive in the 22nd C ~ AMEN ~ Your NEPHEW BRIAN

    • Goldfinch60

      It is great Hymn but in the Church Choir of which I am a member the remark often goes round "Oh no, not that one again!"
      Good write though and Amen.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS ANDY ~ For a well known and oft performed Hymn it is relatively MODERN (1923) ~ I love singing it with a CHOIR it is so ROBUST ! I know what you mean about Choirs ~ Familiarity breeds contempt even for the most Divine of things ~ like "The Lord's Prayer" I have added the hymn ~ You might like to revisit ! Yours BROTHER BRIAN It featured in a "Thanksgiving Service" I attended on Friday for an Elderly Christian (83) who had been called HOME ~ We had FIVE GREAT HYMNS finishing with "When the Roll is called up Yonder" AMEN !

      • Pintu Mahakul

        God is Super Father. He is our spiritual father. Our relationship with him is eternal as we are souls , his children. This is a great poem on Father's Day. May His grace fall on you in abundance.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS PINTU ~ For you encouraging reply ! When we fully understand that GOD is our Spiritual Father it is a great Blessing. Earthly Fathers are great Blessings ~ but there comes the day when they are called Home to Paradise and we miss their guidance and blessing ! But GOD is eternal and is there for us 24/7 long after our Human Parents have gone ! And when we reach Eternity ~ GOD is still there also ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          Mio Caro Amico BRIAN,
          Una bella poesia!
          A beautiful poem!
          Happy Fatherā€™s Day to your dad! Blessed are you to have a great dad! Dads (and moms) always guide and support their children no matter how old they are!
          Enjoy the day with your dad!
          Abbracci e Baci...

        • Frogspoetry

          Very good read Brian.very inspiring and gives us something to remember on a daily basis

        • Christina8

          This is a lovely hymn. I was not blessed to have that bond with an earthly father but glad my bond with heavenly father is strong. Great write! Sister Christina

        • FineB

          Thanks Brian

          A great poem and spiritually uplifting.

          Keep writing

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