Many are the voices that echo through my mind,

From the beginning to the end and then rewind.


I hear them all again when I let myself stop and think.

Whenever all the others fail, his pulls me from the brink.


The times when life unbearable seems to be,

Memories of my life with him and how much he means to me.




Sometimes I wonder why I've been blessed with you.

Is it because of the hand that life has dealt, or something it has yet to do?


  • willyweed

    Good heart felt piece and great advise as well. ww

    • SLR

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And took the time to read my long comment! 🙂

    • DeletedAccount

      I can tell this is really from the bottom of your heart, and I think I understand the message in the story. I really loved it, great job!

      • SLR

        Thank you so much! and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it.

        • DeletedAccount


        • Michael Edwards

          Beautiful write from the heart.

          • SLR

            Thank you. I'm glad you could feel how much I meant every word.

          • Goldfinch60

            That hand of life has dealt you the wisdom to guide your son towards the right path, the path that he will eventually chose. Good write.

            • SLR

              I hope so. I'm trying to help him make better choices and make sure he knows that he can always come to me. I don't want him feeling that hopeless, helpless, rage and frustration that I grew up with.

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