Stomach churning

Spirit yearning

To be happy again


Always wanting

This fear is haunting

On my heart it leaves a stain


I've been waiting

Eagerly anticipating

To be free of my pain


Always I pray

To be free of this someday

I have so much to gain


  • orchidee

    I wish the only thing that haunted you was my singing! (heehee).
    Is the anxiety lessened if you keep busy and occupied? But not to have a frenzy of activity either, in 'covering up' the anxiety.

    • Christina8

      I wish so too! Only non-frightening activities like poetry seem to help. Don't take me to an amusement park!! Thanks Orchi!

    • orchidee

      Quite honestly, I have stomach churning if I may go to a 'happy clappy' church. I'm afraid, for example, some may start dancing, and I will feel left out and embarrassed for not dancing.
      We don't have to dance though. But I like other elements of that type of worship, etc.

      • Christina8

        Thanks for sharing, Orchi!

      • Goldfinch60

        The answer can be in writing, you can lose yourself in the realm of words where other problems flow away.

        • Christina8

          Yes, I agree, thanks so much for your kind words, Andy!

        • A.H. Browning

          I was moved by your writing and comments.

          I’ve battled anxiety for many years and finally have found some relief. Writing is one of several things that helps me. Anxiety can be very crippling. I never believed that my anxiety could become manageable and even completely absent sometimes, but it has.

          Thank you for sharing through writing. I wish success in dealing with anxiety in your life. I hope you have peace in your heart and mind.

          Kindest Regards

          • Christina8

            Thanks A.H. Writing is about the one thing that offers relief. I very much appreciate your comments and I wish you the same peace!

          • Candlewitch

            dear Christina,

            you are an inspiration to many. never fear losing that element 🙂

            *hugs, Cat

            • Christina8

              Thank you Cat, I was moved by your words! Thank you so much! Hugs back--Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              CONGRATS CHRIS ~ On being in pole position this morning ! Back from COASTAL EROSION TRIP ~ Its almost midnight here so just checking poems and yours came up first ! It is a cathartic poem and thanks for being so FRANK !
              Stanza 1. UNHAPPY ~ Anxiety affecting Stomach & Spirit ~YES it does affect us Body Soul & Spirit which is why it is so so debilitating and many can empathise ~ love the comments you are getting ~ you are very Blessed with your MPS Friends ~ we all LOVE YOU CHRIS ~ AMEN !
              Stanza 2. FEAR is hunting - staining you Heart !
              Stanza 3. Waiting and wanting and eagerly anticipating | to be free of the PAIN of ANXIETY - This is very positive CHRIS | don't put up with it FREEDOM from ANXIETY should be the focus of your prayer !
              Stanza 4. Let's all PRAY CHRIS that you will be FREE OF ANXIETY - TODAY - That's
              our prayer for YOU - AMEN
              Every Blessing Chris | Thinking of YOU
              Tus Hermanos Orando BRIAN Y ANGELA

              • Christina8

                Thanks so much for your positive feedback and prayers! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the support. Thinking of and praying for you and angela as well----Christina

              • skyebellasario

                This is such a moving piece Christina, I hope soon this pain ends

                • Christina8

                  Thank you so much Skye! Me too!

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