Fight or Flight

Exposed to fighting as a child

ramped up my fight or flight response

Never can unsee what I've seen

Or unhear what I've heard


The pain is raw; the unknown is terrifying

What I would give for a relaxing day

Free from the pitiful restraints 

Of the one they call "Panic Disorder"


Take me away to a heaven-like place

If not just for a few hours

I just need to relax and calm

I don't know what that is anymore


My soul screams out for solace

There is no where to turn

There is no place to hide

I'm the only one that can save me


I get a fresh taste of hell every day

You may think I'm being dramatic

Walk a few miles in my shoes

And then tell me how your day went


  • orchidee

    Well, I came across a church which gives, among other things, 'Peace Treatments'. Don't know what they do exactly. Sounds good though!

    • Christina8

      Thanks Orchidee!

    • Laura


      You’re not being dramatic at all!
      Keep fighting and I’ll keep praying for you!


      • Christina8

        Thanks Laura, I appreciate it!

      • Frogspoetry


        • Christina8

          Thank you very much!!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          GOOD MORNING ANGEL ~ Thanks for another POEM from the Dark Side ~ It makes us all SAD but I know it is CATHARTIC and it does enable us to understand your angst and how to pray for you ~ AMEN
          VERSE 1. I agree our memories are permanent but we can can push them into our SUBCONSCIENCE for some of the time ? V 2. I am praying that you will find many RELAXING DAYS ~ AMEN V 3. Through Prayer & meditation you can be lifted up into a RELAXING SEVENTH HEAVEN ~ I know I can ~ especially on a RETREAT ~ Try one ? V 4. You are NOT alone CHRIS ~ You have your Family ~ Your Friends and lots of us on MPS (digest the comments) really love you and are Praying for you ! V 5. NO CHRIS You are NOT being OVERDRAMATIC You are just facing (and sharing) REALITY ~ NEVER GIVE IN !
          Angela & I are praying that through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit you will be RELEASED from "PANIC DISORDER" AMEN Yours forever Tus Hemanos de Fe ~ ANGELA y BRIAN ~ Abrazos @@@@@@@

          • Christina8

            I really appreciate your kindness and understanding through all of this. You give some really good advice! This is a site where I gain much support and love from a lot of people and I am so thankful. Thanks for the prayers---Abrazos for you both Angela y Brian!!!!! Christina.

          • Crystal Hope

            Wow! A remarkable piece!

            • Christina8

              I have much better earlier pieces like "Ive never told" but this day I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks so much for your support!!

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