You don’t truly know what love is,
you merely think you do.
Strange to see so clearly now
after the rose-tinted glass has shattered.


How close you were to fooling us all.
Even I, who thought I knew you the most,
was blinded by your well-crafted façade
perhaps because I craved so much for it to be real.


You deceived your way into my heart.
Lies and trickery were your tools
and how could I defend myself against them
when you were their master?


But the flower that you crumpled
was never yours to take.
You, who disguised yourself as a friend
when I needed one the most.


The damage that you so recklessly caused
cannot ever be repaired.
That stain will cling to my soul always,
a reminder of you I can never escape.

  • Author: Sofie (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 10th, 2018 17:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is the first I've written. It reads as a letter to the man who abused me as a child. It is the first I wrote as a way to deal with what I have been through, something that I am still dealing with right now.
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    WELCOME SOPHIE ~ Thanks for your first poem. very elegant in its structure ~ but very Personal and Sad in its Subject. This is a very empathetic and caring site ~ I trust you found baring your heart and sharing your soul CATHARTIC ~ OK. My MUM always taught me to treat Ladies with great respect and I always have. You are all precious in God's sight and you should be equally precious in our sight also ! Predatory Men have no idea the damage they inflict on innocent Young Ladies. I am a Lecturer & Student Counsellor in a Vocational College and abuse in their Teens & pre-Teens affects them forever ~ as you sate in your Poem. All to often the abuse is by someone they know and trust which makes it even worse ! The scenario you describe in your poem is very descriptive of the way Evil Men "groom" GIRLS who trust them. As a Gentleman the penalty i would advocate would be clinical castration ~ do you agree. Thanks for having he courage to share ~ Every Blessing ~ yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my POEMS ~ thanks B !

    • Sofie

      It truly was cathartic to post this. There's something about being vulnerable that makes me feel stronger in a way.
      Abuse is unfortunately too common in this world, and as you say is predominately by someone who is close to you. I think there definitely needs to be harsher punishment, I'm not sure I know what exactly that should be though.
      I'll check them out now 🙂

    • Jenn2009

      Thanks Sophie for laying your heart out there. This poem made me cry while reading it. It brought up a lot of emotions. Things from my past. Keep writing looking forward to the next .❤💜💙💚

      • Sofie

        Tears are a good thing, it means we are releasing the pain. Thank you

      • Blackhawkwings

        Gee whiz, Sophie - Your poem touch the hidden wounds in my heart, from years of trying to forget, my first hurt by my ex-wife, the one I thought was with me to eternity. So, touching and sad. yet, you're overcome and already healing. Best of luck.

        • Sofie

          Thank you. It's been a hard journey, and its all still a little raw but I imagine it always will be. Sorry to hear about your ex-wife, but hopefully that pain has been dimmed by a brighter light.

          • Blackhawkwings

            Hello Sofie, Thank you. Appreciate the response. yes. Indeed, the pain has eased and my kid and I moved on to a bright healthy life raising him alone brought a new joy to me and deeper meaning to parenting.
            Wish you much happiness and success. - Jim

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write. Writing will help you overcome some of the troubles within you as you can lose yourself in words.
            Welcome to MPS.

            • Sofie

              Thank you. I've never really written poetry before, so I didn't really know where to start but I'm proud of what came out.

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