Comfort in Isaiah(8): Israel's Restoration Part 3


Tune: Christchurch

('Now is eternal life')

Isaiah 44 v.1 -6


Hear now you, my people

I formed you, you I call

You be my chosen ones

My daughters and my sons

Fear not, for I will help you sure

You shall be mine for evermore


Water I will outpour

Each land, from shore to shore

To quench you that do thirst

Floods on dry ground outburst

Yes, on your seed too, and on you

I pour out my spirit anew


And I shall bless your kin

Blessings shall be therein

They shall as grass spring up

Shall feed with me and sup

As willows by the water course

They shall grow, this I do endorse


One shall say, I the LORD's 

Am, true as be His words

They shall be Israel

Restored by Him, shall tell

That He is their redeemer strong

he the first and last all along






  • Laura


    Just spoke with my mom in Italy! She misses me reading your hymn-poems! After she had listened to the tune that accompanied the reads, a peaceful look I’d see on her face! Amen to that!


    • orchidee

      Thanks Laura.

      • Laura

        You’re welcome!

      • FineB

        Thank you Orchidee.

        A beautiful poem!

        The Lord God Almighty he is our true redeemer!

        Keep writing

        • orchidee

          Thanks FineB.

        • Heartwriter

          You are a blessing to MPS!

          • orchidee

            Thanks Heart.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS STEVE ~ Loved the tune ~ very ORGANIC ! Love the POEM based on another great chapter from ISAIAH ! Chapter 44 v 1 "Now listen O JACOB ~ My servant ~ Israel I have chosen ......... !" Thnaks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

            • orchidee

              Thanks Brian.

            • Goldfinch60

              Another good one Orchi.

              • orchidee

                Thanks Gold.

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