heat wave





it's july

feeling uncomfortable in this heat

the sun shines down at a steady beat

vapors are rising off the street

as the day is going by

somethings happening in the sky

the clouds are rolling in

the light begins to dim

then the glorious rain

from the heavens

and that crackling you hear


will make the world independent


  • Michael Edwards

    Read it how you will it's a great write

  • Diamond

    Humanity is still not ready for it. It has been visioned more than a century ago. A beautiful write.

    • onepauly

      the world better be ready for it.
      who killed the electric car.
      its getting to hot for my comfort.
      thank you for your comment.

    • Goldfinch60

      Yes I do not like the heat, I even where short sleeved shirts in winter so I am not very happy with the heat we have recently been exposed to.

      • onepauly

        I have an air-conditioner, but it don't get to hot in my apartment, so I don't use it. sitting near my fan is good enough when it gets real hot outside. an air conditioner costs an extra 10 bucks a month. year round. ha! ha! I finally won one!

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