Because we understand the Chemistry of Love

Our Love is here to stay ~ it's in our DNA

Not something mystical from up above !


I'm just a cache of chemicals


I'm just looking for a Lady

With Molecules COMPATIBLE


OXYTOCIN binds you closer

Like a Baby on its Mama's Breast

Each AMINO ACID in Love's lovely ENZYMES

PHENYLALANINE is always best !


HAEMOGLOBIN plays its part

As your Blood goes gushing round your HEART

Group O ~ Group B ~ Group A ~ Group AB

I just go with the flow and do my part !


My HORMONES are unique 

Not from a can ~ I'm my OWN MAN

So if it's A SOUL MATE that you seek 

Match Me ~ Catch ME ~ if you can !


SERETONIN in my Brain

Can make Me young again

No aging in my frontal plane 

I'm a CABALLERO hot from SPAIN !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


LOVE really is a many splendoured thing and is a

melange of many factors some of them counter

indicative !  Smell & Scent play a big part and

Perfumery is a multibillion global Industry !  But

all the senses ~ Sight ~ Scent ~ Savour ~ Sound

and Touch are interplayed when we "Fall in Love".

The video is very Special because it shows GENTLEMAN

JIM REEVES in Concert in Norway at the height of his

Ten Year Musical Career (1954 ~ 1964). He is so so

Sincere you can see why Men respected Him and all

the Ladies adored Him.  When I do a JIM REEVES

Appreciation Concert for Seniors the men are all

applauding and the Ladies are all crying. I try to

perfect my modulated Texan to do justice to Jim !

I always wear a Black Stetson in respect of His

very untimely demise in July 1964. Gone but never

forgotten !  The song is dedicated to MY ANGELA !          




  • orchidee

    Them molecules involved in kissing, and that 'frontal plane' will make me swoon, I suspect! Arggh, no more info please. It will be 'too much info' as they say! heehee.
    I see phenylalanine in some drinks - seems to upset my tummy.
    You understand me, dear?! lol.


      Thanks STEVE ~ I thought it would be a bit OTT for you ~ did you enjoy JIM ? AWESOME ! There are lots of things put in drinks including C2H5OH 15% in Sherry 26% in Bootleg Whiskey which are also sexual liberators ! Please add a HYMN to my latest FUSION ~ Thanks BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Oohh, I'll have to be careful then. What do they put in cocoa - or Horlicks?! Oh, why don't I let me hair down, and 'get out more'?! heehee.

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      • livsxxxx

        Love this! Brilliant.👍🏽👍🏽

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          HI LIVS ~ Pleased you liked it ! As you know I like to get a nice symbiosis of Poem ~ Background (for Title) ~ Picture (love chemical formulae) ~ Video / Music etc. The poetic structure of this poem is simple ~ BUT ~ the SUBJECT is INFINITE ~ Yours BRIAN XOX

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write Brian but I believe that love comes from the Soul and chemistry is physical not emotional.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            I agree ANDY ~ GOD is LOVE and there is always an undefinable Spiritual Element in TRUE LOVE ! Love cannot be completely explained in terms of the BIOLOGICAL & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES ! I an a Scientist who is an Evangelical Christian so I always leave room for God in respect of all Human Behaviour including LOVE because we have been created in "The Likeness of GOD" HUMANS are Spiritual Beings ! However in this poem ~ I was talking about BIOCHEMICALS (like Hormones etc) which do affect our LIBIDO ~ but perhaps that has nothing to do with LOVE ~ just "lust" and "performance" etc. Biochemicals do affect behaviour but that is another Subject ~ Thanks for your comment ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Christina8

            I agree that it takes all those things to make people have good "Chemistry"---it amazes me that we aren't attracted to more people! I agree with Andy--love comes from the soul. Abrazos.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks CHRIS ~ well some People I know fall in Love with ONE or MORE People every day ! Its the aphrodisiacs in PERFUMES & AFTERSHAVES ! In her comments ANGELA refers to AROMATHERAPY ~ which in conjunction with MASSAGE some people find very therapeutic and calming. The same is true of AQUATHERAPY which I enjoy. I know as a NURSE you may be sceptical of ALTERNATIVE therapies ~ a big source of discussion in the NHS which is very short of cash ! See my answer to ANDY ~ GOD IS LOVE ~ AMEN Abrazos Fuertes de Tus Hermanos en Jesus Christo BRIAN y ANGELA @@@@@@@

            • Heartwriter

              Beautiful write Brian. Love looks good on you.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS HEART ~ Once in a while along the WAY ~ Love's been good to me!
                LOVE is a big Subject in the BIOLOGICAL & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES and some comments have also suggested (which i agree with) that LOVE has a Spiritual aspect / dimension as well. I have pointed out that in this POEM I am majoring on the BIOCHEMICAL ASPECTS ! ANGELA (My Fiancee who is in NZ for the year) has also and mentioned AROMATHERAPY and the PERFUME Industry both of which are based on BIOCHEMISTRY! Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GOOD EVENING SWEETHEART : It's 9am Saturday Morning here in NZ no clinics today! Love this poem and the Jim Reeves Song you have dedicated to me (it made me cry) I love it. AS you know I have studied UNITS in Biochemistry in my Physiotherapy Degree and Beauty Therapy (Aromatherapy) Courses. I agree with your answer to Andy, Biochemicals do affect emotions and in Aromatherapy there are sensual oils like Musk Lang-Lang and Jasmine etc. Sensual Attraction and Libido raising etc is the basis of Perfumery. Essential Oil molecules are small most are MONOTERPENES (C10 units) so are small enough to penetrate the pores of the skin. The MAORIS are very sensual and love AROMATHERAPY! However being a Christian I agree that GOD is LOVE and the basis of all Human Love is Spiritual. When I have Senior clients for PHYSIOTHERAPY, I always PRAY WITH them which shows LOVE and accelerates the HEALING. Loved the whole package! All my LOVE, talk later ANGELA XXXX

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks ANGEL ~ missing you ! Thanks for your comment It is a big subject and a very interesting one ~ there are some good comments. Pleased you are able to pray with your clients in NZ especially the SENIORS ~ There are lots of CHRISTIANS in New Zealand and all MAORIS believe in a Creator GOD. Pleased you liked the POEM and the SONG ~ Jim Reeves has always been my fave Country Singer and this recording shows why ! GOODNIGHT it's MIDNIGHT here so must get to bed ~ wish you were here ~ It is FRIDAY NIGHT ! All my LOVE always ~ BRIAN XOX

                • brianna jean zeiger

                  Amazing! I love it!

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks BRII ~ Pleased you liked it ! Thanks for adding me as a Friend ~ I will look out for your POEMS ! To become a medic you have to MAJOR in CHEMISTRY ~ BIOLOGY and PSYCHOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY ~ Every Blessing ~ I hope you make it. My Fiancee ANGELA is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and loves it ~ YOURS BRIAN (UK)

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