If my heart had wings

If my heart had wings,i would fly to you today,

So that we would be apart not one more day.

We would be together from this day forward,

Just being with you is my great reward.

As we move together closer to the Lord, 

Since I've had you in my life,I have something to work toward.

So until we meet,I will keep pressing on,

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you were the ONE.

If my heart wings,I would fly to you now,

Be we will be together someday,even if it's in the clouds.

If the Lord is willing,we will be together someday,

Regardless of what other people might say.

I do not care,I still feel the same,

I just hope there is a happy ending to this game.

I'm sending my love across these pages,

So may we remain true throughout the ages.


  • Poetic Dan

    Beautifully expressed, I could feel my kids close to my chest.
    Although I only get such little time, it's more precious than what money can buy.
    Thank you for helping through this never ending fight of delight, being a part time dad but a full time father. Lol now I'm crying a little but harder

  • Frogspoetry

    Thank you Dan.


    THANKS FROG ~ For a beautiful Love Story. I can emphasise to some extent ~ because as you know ANGELA is in New Zealand for 12 months on a Work Exchange ~ She is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST. BUT we can speak every day on Phone or Skype and I am going to NZ to be with her again (you can't kiss on Skype !) in August (next Month). Every Blessing please check my Poem on FUSION and my FUSION on PRAYER. Yours BRIAN

  • ForeverJesus6

    I too think that love is a wonderful thing to work toward to. It gives us a beautiful hope. Love conquors all. If you truely feel that way about that person, then I am sure that that person feels the same way about you, and you two will always be together. There will be good times and challenging rough ones, but with Christ in the midst, love conquors all. If it is of the Lord then it will last.
    Persistence is key

    • Frogspoetry

      I mean every word of that poem.

    • Goldfinch60

      Super love lorn write, may that day when you get together come very soon.

    • orchidee

      A fine write Frogs.

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