Michael Edwards







With mighty arms which swing the scythes

the swish as reapers cut the corn

in fields where poppies shed their seeds

and rooks await the ploughs return.


The sap of spring departing fast,

the fading scent of new mown hay

whitening, drying day by day,

in summer pastures browned by sun.



  • Heartwriter

    Beautiful. Spring comes in as a needed replenish. Then summer takes over and it makes us long for fall. Winter well, it brings hope for spring! Loved this.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Kat - we're having a hot summer here by our standards - not sure there any farmers still using a scythe but it makes a good poem

      • Heartwriter

        We are having a hot one too. Which is usually my fav time of year. The extreme heat has taken the joy away this year. I usually spend summer doing fun watery stuff. Now, basking in the sun doing work. Maybe that's what the problem is. Lol.

      • orchidee

        A fine write and pic M. You got ya scythe out?!

        • Michael Edwards

          I\'m a sickle man myself - lots of little swipes

          • orchidee

            How's that evening going?!

          • Fay Slimm.

            could smell the ripening fields of corn with the force of these lines and the style you chose - another one to read again Michael - so into my favs - - love the picture of lilies - hope they perfume your flower-border

            • Michael Edwards

              thanks Fay - they do brighten the garden but have dropped their petals since this photo was taken

            • FineB

              Hi Michael,

              A beautiful, lovely tribute to Summer.

              The lilies are gorgeous.

              Keep writing

            • Goldfinch60

              Good write Michael, we are seeing some haystacks around here now, but how nutritious it will be I do not know.

            • dusk arising

              Your writing today brought to mind how the scents of our countryside in blazing summer always bring to mind the joys of summers past. Childhood haymaking, teenage mischief making, adult love making, senior dream making.

              • Michael Edwards

                Funny how childhood memories flood back - thanks for the kind comment

              • A.H. Browning

                Amazing poem. Love the picture. Did you grow those?

                Kindest Regards,
                A.H. Browning

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks AH - yes they in a pot - they are a lovely waxy off-white

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