Comments received on poems by heartbreak

Goldfinch60 said:

May she see the true love that you have for her and love you in return.

February 8th, 2019 01:41

O.G. Tone said:

That\'s it my brutha, we are always judged by our skin color, then what\'s in our hearts, we are regular people to.

February 4th, 2019 14:30

Goldfinch60 said:

I just cannot understand why some people pass judgements on others due to race, creed or colour, I treat everybody the same, all you need to do is look into people eyes to see who they are.

February 2nd, 2019 15:15

dusk arising said:

Too many bad judgements passed on by our fore bears from less enlightened times. Well thats how it was for me. The wind of change blew hard and strong when my childhood TV screen showed me the civil rights marches of the 60\'s and i began to make judgements for myself.
The train is rolling and the destination is surely coming closer.

February 2nd, 2019 08:29

Michael Edwards said:

I understand where you are coming from. In my marriage I am the white one and all I can say is hold your head up high - you are better than those who make adverse judgements. A well expressed piece of work.

February 2nd, 2019 08:03

Bo said:

Though you say you’re no writer, your words flow with such feeling and give an understanding that I find it hard to believe you’re not a writer. Anyone can write but it takes feeling and heart to bring a story to life, even in just a few words.

February 1st, 2019 02:13