Comments received on poems by Kidwxnder

Love Treason
Simple-Man87 said:

I\'m going through a divorce and can relate to damn near every word. Very well written.

November 27th, 2016 21:20

Love Treason
Tony36 said:

Great write

November 27th, 2016 20:15

SabreLi said:

Thank you for your writing - I can see that Chris Brown is an inspiration of yours but I must say I prefer your work to his :) This is something alot of people can relate to and it flows well. Nice work, look forward to seeing some more :) xx

November 27th, 2016 17:31

Silvertulip said:

With the title you used I was expecting something else yet your writing was gracious and welcoming surprise. I was wonderful I like the line \" but these feeling just keep lasting\" it\'s something a lot of people can relate to. Thanks for sharing you writing~ silver

November 26th, 2016 11:04


THANKS FRIEND ~ for a very challenging first poem with a touch of FANTASY. I\'m a GUY and I can resonate with the scenario you present. I have often fallen in love witha FANTASY GIRL and the closer I try to get to her the further she seems to move away. Girls are wonderful(when you catch them !) BUT ~ they do lead us a chase. Thanks for sharing ~ more please ! Please check my poems ~ Yours BRIAN

November 26th, 2016 06:11