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A Teacher Reflects
OxfordSkills said:

Dear Brian

From one teacher to another - I thank you wholeheartedly.

I did not know you taught as well.. so good to know there are ones that still do care about joining - as you put it, the \'noble profession.\'

Like you, in my class, my students are from varying backgrounds i.e. woodworking, construction, business, childcare, Science and many more.

Thank you once again, for appreciating my poem. It is by no means a traditional poem; however, you were right, it was right from this \'dedicated teacher\'s heart.\' :-)

Furthermore, I am genuinely sad, the programme has come to an end; and I agree - there is so much \'satisfaction, fun and fulfillment\' found in teaching.

Moreover, it means the world to me to have the honest input of ones like yourself. Thank you so very much.

Have lovely day Brian!


May 2nd, 2017 04:31

A Teacher Reflects

Thanks for sharing SANDRA ~ A very poignant poem (as you describe it) straight from a Dedicated Teacher\'s Heart ! I teach part time ~ Applied Science in a College ~ and I love every minute. There is satisfaction ~ fun and fulfillment. My students are Caterers ~ Hair & Beauty Therapists ~ Trainee Nurses ~ Bricklayers and Engineers. They are all very keen to learn the Scientific Principles of their Professions and I do get paid for doing this ! I love Field Courses with Environmental Studies Students. I do run a Poetry / English Literature Class for Adult Students. Love your poem and your love of the Noble Profession ~ Poetic Hugs ~ BRIAN

May 2nd, 2017 04:09

I Believe.
willyweed said:

a lovely poem and a noble quest!
happy holiday. ww

December 24th, 2016 15:44

Can She Teach?

Thanks for sharing SANDY ~ Another perfect poem ~ I have awarded you an A* from OFSTED ! STRUCTURE ~ Five balanced Quintains with excellent meter and a consistent rhyme pattern: aabba then ccddc etc. SUBJECT ~ In each verse you have highlighted a VIRTUE an effective Teacher must possess to survive ! V1. Ability to COPE V2. SLEEP is an essential V3. KNOWLEDGE is the key ! V4. A degree of SANITY is recommended V5. No Teacher worth their salt should ever DE-COMPOSE in front of their Pupils ~ The Head or An Ofsted Inspector ~ so now you know. If you can maintain this standard of \"Classical Poetry\" and follow your own advice ~ You should survive your Probationary Year ~ Best Wishes ~ BRIAN

December 21st, 2016 15:52

Can She Teach?
Zwitterion said:

this was nice.

December 20th, 2016 21:59

Anxieties of a Student Teacher
OxfordSkills said:

I am.. very pleased indeed BRIANSODES!
Someday, I hope I can write poetry the way you do. That said, I can but learn from the best! :)
Yours made such an interesting and informative read. Now that\'s what I call talent! Well done!

December 20th, 2016 18:56

Anxieties of a Student Teacher

WELCOME SANDY ~ Thanks for sharing such an epic poem ~ such a poem cries out for analysis ! Ten verses ~ with mixed rhyme & rhythm but all elegant ! V1 Poses an unfathomable question ~ What is a PGCE? V2 Highlights the range of skills a Teacher needs to survive the system Starting salary should be at least £ 100k ! V3 Does one improve ? Yes but imperceptibly ~ and one can regress ! V4 There are downsides ~ but it is best not to dwell on them ! V5 Preparation and Presentation are important but one must have a Positive Personality as well ~ to be an effective Teacher ! V6 I hate CRITICS & ICONOCLASTS so to me OFSTED is a very vulgar word ! V7 Perhaps TEXTING and Modern Poetry have rendered Grammar and Spelling obsolete.I am told It all started with BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ and DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY ! V8 Every lesson should have PLAN but a good Teacher always deviates from it. I remember a PHYSICS TEACHER (God rest his soul) showing slides of a RAINBOW when there was a real one outside the window blind ! V8 English Literature and UK Poetry are the Holy Grail and should be handled as such ~ BUT ~ sometimes it is like casting Pearls before Swine ! V10 Embodies all the skills an effective teacher requires to educate their flock ! Creativity and the ability to clarify and evaluate. Imparting knowledge in digestible chunks ~ Teaching ~ motivating ~ creating a good learning environment ~ O HAPPY DAY ! Beat wishes in the classroom ~ BRIAN

December 20th, 2016 09:44

Anxieties of a Student Teacher
Ben Devlin said:

Very well written poem!

December 19th, 2016 23:42