Monday Bookshelf: Let the Crazy Child Write

cover Let The Crazy Child Write Clive Matson once described himself as a journeyman poet – not an accomplished master of the art of poetry, but one who has learned the basics and is polishing his craft to perfection. His book, Let the Crazy Child Write, is more than just another writing book. It is, all at the same time, an homage to creativity, a dissection of the writing process and a step by step instruction book on how to unchain your muse and set it free to write with your inner voice.

Even more, Let the Crazy Child Write is a fun read, challenging the reader”s perceptions of the writing process with startlingly fresh images and descriptions. There”s nothing dry or dusty about Matson”s writing. One enthusiastic reader writes about Crazy Child,
if you get this book, you don”t need any other, because this one says what all the other say, and better, and then says a lot more. It”s changed the way I write, it”s made me comfortable with my creativity, and there”s so much wisdom and humor it makes learning fun.

Part of the joy of Matson”s book is that he strikes a comfortable balance between freeing your inner “crazy child” and shaping what that child has to say. Each of the twelve chapters consists of a discussion of one concept or step in the writing process, followed by practical exercises and workshopping tips to polish your grasp of that particular concept. His language is fresh, his style is energetic and his book is inspiring. If the Crazy Child isn”t sitting on your bookshelf, he (or she) should be, ready to spring forth at a moment”s notice to lend originality and spice to your writing when you hit the doldrums.

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