Romanian Poetry Translation/National Poet Of Isreal Celebrated – Poetry News Roundup December 14th

Today on My Poetic Side, we look at the publication of Divan of Hafez poetry in Romanian and the celebrations for the National Poet of Israel.

Romanian Edition of Divan of Hafez Poetry Published

For the first time, a selection of poetry from the Divan of Hafez has been published in Romanian. The translation is titled


is the work of Sara Esterbadeyan, an Iranian translator who is visually impaired and lives in Bucharest.

Contributions made by the Embassy of Iran have assisted in the publication of the books, which have been created to mark 120 years of the diplomatic relations that exist between Romania and Iran.

There are 200 poems in the books, all of which originate from the original Persian book. This is the work of the famed Persian poet Shams ad-Din Mohammad who is more commonly known as Hafez. It is the biggest and most complete version of his work that has ever been created in Romanian.

The book launch took place last week in a ceremony which was attended by a number of government officials and also several cultural figures as well.

The works created by Hafez are complex and offer multiple layers to those who are looking to translate them, making a real knowledge of the poet’s thought processes a must when it comes to translation. This translation is being hailed by literary critics as a very good translation that looks at the poet’s work from a number of different angles.

The Divan of Hafez is such an important piece of work in Persian poetry that it is widely believed that every Iranian home owns at least one copy. The poems speak of love, and Hafez is known as the


Celebrations in Tel Aviv for National Poet of Israel

A festive evening concert is to be held in Tel Aviv at the Heichal HaTarbut in celebration of the poet Hayim Nahman Bialik.

The celebration of this poetic genius will include some diverse performances from some of the most popular names in the world of music.

A concert in honour of the poet will be the opening event of the Niggunim Betzedek Alternative Jewish Festival, which is a real cultural event that celebrates the diversity of the city.

During the musical event, actors will be portraying a range of figures from the life of the poet in order to offer some textural context to the performance.

Bialik is of significant importance to the Hebrew Culture. His Sefer HaAggadah has been instrumental in helping modern readers to gain some insight into the complexity of the Talmud. He is also responsible for giving Israelis a number of new words, including matos (airplane) and rishroosh (rustle).

The voice of Nechama Hendel, which was used to make a recording of the poet’s work in 1965, is still listened to today and is considered to be of relevant importance by other poets, including Shaul Tchernichovsky┬ábecause she used correct Ashkenazi pronunciation. This allowed the poems to be heard in the melody and accent that Bialik himself wrote them with.

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