Anniversary Poems

wedding-anniversaryWhen a couple gets married, they have so many new things to look forward to doing together. There’s the obvious first night as a married couple, which is even more special to those who didn’t live together prior to marriage. There’s the first home-cooked meal, the weekend alone, getting their first home together, and even possibly having their first child. Of course, there’s always the first argument, the first plumbing problem at three in the morning, or the first major holiday meal which maybe didn’t turn out quite like planned. Even the less positive events during that first year are something that can be looked back upon with laughter and amusement. But there is one other ‘first’ which the couple has to look forward to that can be a truly wonderful experience: their first wedding anniversary. This is a perfect time, not only for celebrating their first year as a couple, but also a chance for one of them, or possibly both of them, to write a poem in remembrance of that special day one year ago.

“First Anniversary Wish”
by Jenny Jones


After the first anniversary, the joy and marvel wears off a little. Yet, there are certain milestone anniversaries which are celebrated not only by the couple, but also by their children and other family members and friends. Five years, ten years, twenty, thirty and forty are just some of those milestones. Each of them have been given a special symbol with which they are remembered. For instance, the first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift of something made of paper (poems would be perfect here!), the twentieth is something made from fine China, and the fiftieth wedding anniversary is something made from gold. And of course, for each of these milestone anniversary celebrations are special poems written for just the occasion.

A Golden Couple
by Anonymous


Of course, there are other types of anniversaries that one might celebrate. Some people celebrate special milestones for how long they have been employed at a certain company, how long they have lived at the same address, or perhaps when they immigrated to a new country and became a citizen. Whatever the occasion, there are wonderful opportunities to celebrate with a carefully crafted poem, perhaps with a few serious lines, a few appreciative lines, and maybe even a few humorous barbs and jabs. Some anniversaries are not so happy, though, but they too can be express in a poem.

Tsunami Anniversary
by John Tiong Chunghoo


Regardless of the anniversary being celebrated, writing down one’s thoughts and sentiments regarding the event and the people involved with it can be a wonderful experience. And it would be an excellent idea to make a scrapbook or album in which to keep these priceless treasures. Imagine how much fun it can be to sit down with a ‘treasure’ box full of old anniversary poems to share with your family. They could even be assembled as a collection to be printed or, with the technology available today, turn them into a video, an ebook, or even an audiobook. Such things are also excellent records to be shared in genealogical collections and time capsules.

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