Husband Poems

marineIn many cultures around the world, the husband is the head of the home. He is the decision-maker, the disciplinarian and rule-maker, the ‘bread winner’, and the provider of security and well-being. This role as leader of the home has placed the husband in various positions of respect and thoughtfulness. In recent decades, the role of the husband had changed a little. Things are not as they have always been; however, husbands are still held in high esteem by family members in most families. Such position has also gained the attention of poets, both famous and unknown.

The first place that a husband comes into importance is on the day that he and his bride become husband and wife. Prior to that, he was just a man. Perhaps he was just as important and valuable to his wife to be as before they were married, but after the vows have been exchanged, it is then official. It’s no wonder that there are so many poems written about husbands on their wedding days. Wives have spent considerable thought and effort into the poems they have written for their husbands. Then, during some appropriate time during the ceremony or the reception, the moment comes when she reads the poem aloud to him. Maybe it’s done in front of a large crowd, a select few, or perhaps in a moment when the two of them are alone. Here’s an example of the type of sentiment she might express for her new husband.

For My Husband
by Anonymous

In the current day as well in decades gone by, there have been times when wives have written some very special poems for their husbands. It’s a difficult time, one where the words expressed are filled with emotion and sadness. This is, of course, when the husband is required to go off to war against some enemy, either in the couple’s homeland or to some distant land to help defend a weaker country. These poems are written perhaps before the husband has departed, or maybe after the fact, as his absence grows more difficult to bear. Not all of these poems are sad. Some are uplifting and encouraging. Although the wife may have a need to feel safe and protected, it’s most often the husband who is going out to be in harm’s way. In such situations, it is helpful if the husband knows that his wife has confidence in his abilities and the she supports the mission which he is undertaking.

i am lost for words
by Anonymous

There are many other reasons that a wife may write a poem about her husband. Perhaps it’s on Father’s Day as a way of describing how pleased she is with her husband’s role as father of her children. It may be for his birthday, or maybe even for some special Christmas time. And of course, there are the countless poems which have been written for wedding anniversaries, when the wife provides her husband with poem to express her undying love, affection, and appreciation.

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