Thank You Poems

thankyouCam on. Gracias. Salmat. Passibo. Merci. Ilakasugotia. Thank you. It doesn’t matter which language you use to say it — it is one of the most important phrases known to mankind. But for some reason, saying “thank you” seems to be a difficult thing to do. Perhaps it’s because saying that to someone indicates that you may be indebted to that person; that they did something for me and now I must acknowledge that fact. Why this is such a difficult thing is confusing. As humans are such social creatures, we are inherently interdependent upon each other. As much as we might claim it to be true, we simply cannot live alone. We need each other, so why not express appreciation for when someone does something for us. Simply say, ‘thank you’.

Even in the business world, studies have shown that saying ‘thank you’ after completing a business deal or transaction is truly beneficial. Research has indicated that customers are more likely to spend more money, that employees are willing to work harder and to accomplish more, and that suppliers and vendors are much more likely to make payment on their bills on time it the people they are dealing with thank them on a regular basis. Much of today’s customer service training emphasizes the use of this small phrase, yet it seems that many ignore it.

Helping and Caring
By Karl and Joanna Fuchs


There are so many reasons to say thank you. Sometimes it’s for very obvious reasons. Someone opens a door for you or helps you pick up some papers that you accidently dropped on the floor. Sometimes it’s when someone does something for you that’s a part of their job to do anyway. The waiter who brings you your food — that’s his job, but we should say ‘thank you’ anyway. And then there are those situations where the person may not even be aware that they have done something for you, such as saying ‘thank you’ to someone who was being a good example to some children. Certainly, we should thank our parents and grandparents, as well as other family, for being there to guide us and to help us as we grew and matured. Let’s not forget our friends. We probably thank our friends less than we ought to, just because we spend so much time together. Just because we’re ‘familiar’ with them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say, ‘thank you.’

Thank You Teacher
by Victoria Honeyman


There are some real benefits to saying thank you. Research has shown that there are some real health benefit from having a grateful attitude — which is expressed every time you sincerely say ‘thank you’. Studies indicate that people who are appreciative of others in their day-to-day live report having fewer problems with health symptoms related to stress, which include upset stomach, headaches, muscle aches, eating disorders and chest pain. So whether you realize it or not, that simple little ‘thank you’ that you offered to someone was probably one of the healthiest things you could have done. Don’t be afraid to say ‘thank you’.

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