Devon To Me

John Galsworthy

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Where my fathers stood
Watching the sea,
Gale-spent herring boats
Hugging the lea;
There my Mother lives,
Moorland and tree.
Sight o' the blossom!
Devon to me!

Where my fathers walked,
Driving the plough;
Whistled their hearts out --
Who whistles now?
There my Mother burns
Fire faggots free.
Scent o' the wood-smoke!
Devon to me!

Where my fathers sat,
Passing their bowls;
-- They've no cider now,
God rest their souls!
There my Mother feeds
Red cattle three.
Taste o' the cream-pan!
Devon to me!

Where my fathers sleep,
Turning to dust,
This old body throw
When die I must!
There my Mother calls,
Wakeful is She!
Sound o' the west-wind!
Devon to me!

Where my fathers lie,
When I am gone,
Who need pity me
Dead? Never one!
There my Mother clasps
Me. Let me be!
Feel o' the red earth!
Devon to me!

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