Jean Garrigue

Some Serious Nonsense for the Cats and Wolves

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My cat peed in the coalbin, why?
Well, God himself asks many things
And gives no reason for the sky.
If we get used to life, that is the crime
Though distant evils rise and shine.
My cat peed in the coalbin, why?
The coal will smell of whitefish when it lights
And mildest milk and small long bones
Will snatch a smoke to saunter through the skies
Or God himself will get a fire of rose
To hail the stars that watch our life of lies.
(Damn those pretty snakelike jaws!
I woke to hear her scrabbling in the coals!)
My cat peed in the coalbin, why?
Pray him cat's watered coals are not the worst
He gets from us, committed to our wars.
Pray him some natural good survive
Th' exploding ditch it seems he's left us by ­
This world that throws its darlings to the wolves!
My cat peed in the coalbin, why?
Well, God collect, forgive, and smile upon
Cats mad, abused, somewhat the idiot, who
Wish their sweets to amble through the clouds.
It is their schemeless arrogance perhaps
That keeps what's left in order, one might think,
Our offerings stench by that salubrious stink.

Think of the dead who multiply!
Think of the living now who mortify!

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