From a Window

Charlotte Mew

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Up here, with June, the sycamore throws
Across the window a whispering screen;
I shall miss the sycamore more I suppose,
Than anything else on this earth that is out in green.
But I mean to go through the door without fear,
Not caring much what happens here
When I’m away: --
How green the screen is across the panes
Or who goes laughing along the lanes
With my old lover all the summer day.

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  • sibylnoriega648

    I came across "From a Window" and wow, what a beautiful poem it is. I felt a deep connection to the scenery described and it really reminded me of how I sometimes feel during the month of June. I'm not an expert in poetry, but this was a simple yet meaningful piece that really struck a chord with me. It feels like it conveys a sort of appreciation for nature, combined with a sense of unease about leaving it behind. It's just really speaks to me and I can't get it out of my head. Trully captivating!

    • Robbiebobbie37

      Though no poetry connoisseur, I am deeply touched by the poignant longing and bitter-sweetness of leaving behind something cherished. Beautiful!