John O'Brien

Tell me, What''s a girl to do

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Tell me, what's a girl to do
When the gossoons court and cozen?
Some have none and some have two,
More can count a baker's dozen.
Mary, Mary, by and by,
With the woman in you wakin’,
Boundin' heart and laughin' eye,
There'll be murder, no mistakin'.

Cornered sits each captive lad
Gazin' vacant at the rafter,
Talkin' wisdom with your dad-
Faith, it isn't him they're after.
Wisha, Mary, there you be
Neat and sweet and fair and fetchin',
Heart-whole still and fancy-free!
Yer', Acushla, but 'tis ketchin'.

One can give you gold galore;
Life with gilded gauds he'd smother
One can give you something more,
Love, that ne'er can love another.

Boundin' heart, and laughin' eye.
In the twinklin' sunlight walkin';
Love, you tell me, passes by-
Wisha, Mary, don't be talkin'.

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