Travelling Bohemians

Charles Baudelaire

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The prophetic tribe of the ardent eyes
Yesterday they took the road, holding their babies
On their backs, delivering to fierce appetites
The always ready treasure of pendulous breasts.

The men stick their feet out, waving their guns
Alongside the caravan where they tremble together,
Scanning the sky their eyes are weighted down
In mourning for absent chimeras.

At the bottom of his sandy retreat, a cricket
Watched passing, redoubles his song,
Cybele, who loves, adds more flower,

Makes fountains out of rock and blossoms from desert
Opening up before these travelers in a yawn—
A familiar empire, the inscrutable future.

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  • carillon

    This poem really got me thinking about life's journey, with its twists and turns. The vivid imagery makes one feel as if they're right there with the characters, facing the unknown with bravery and curiosity. The emotions run high and it reminds me of the impermanence of life, yet the hope that lies in choices we make. It's both majestic and heartrending in the portrayal of a quest, a journey. Very poignant!